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 1850 Freakstar?

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PostSubject: 1850 Freakstar?   Fri Mar 17 2017, 16:45

So had an idea that may be fun to try, though it does have a high risk of getting tabled.

Reborn warhost - 1222
HQ. succubus w glaive, armor of misery & wwp 145
Elite. Shadowseer lvl 2 w mask of secrets. 100
Troop. 2x scatbike squads. 162
LoW. Wraithknight s&b. 295
Seer council. 2 farseer 8 warlocks all but 2 spears. 520

Triumvirate of Ynnead. 625
Total. 1847

All independent characters join seer council in deep strike reserves. Bikes and knight start on board. Yncarne is some insurance against alpha strike as you can choose which squad dying brings him in.

21+d3+d6 warp charges a turn. 16 powers to starts. So you control the psychic phase.
Sadly only 6 units in the Reborn detachment (unless I am wrong about the seer council counting as only one unit). You need the council in that detachment as that's the only way it gets Strength from Death and I think a Farseer would benefit the most from the warlord traits.
I'm thinking default powers would be:
Farseer 1: runes of battle
Farseer 2: telepathy
Shadowseer. Phantasmancy
Warlocks. Santic
Yvraine. Revenant
Yncarne. Santic

Stick yvraine in front to tank hits then after a wound LoS to Visarch then LoS to warlocks. Dead warlocks regain both of them wounds and gives Yvraine levels/powers.
Not a super fast deathstar but wwp should help.

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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Freakstar?   Sun Mar 19 2017, 06:19

That's a whole lotta eggs in one basket you got there. Would be a shame if someone... BROUGHT SISTERS OF SILENCE!

Really terrible videos about tiny plastic space elfs intended to help you get gud scrub:

Flawless pieces of literary perfection:
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Freakstar?   Sun Mar 19 2017, 15:28

@StackedDeck wrote:

Sadly only 6 units in the Reborn detachment (unless I am wrong about the seer council counting as only one unit).

Yeah, you're wrong here(Good thing for your list!) Very Happy

The Ynarri FAQ specifies that the 7 unit requirement is checked at the beginning of the game on your list, not based on what you have on the table, or alive in the game.

In your list, they are separate and distinct units. They're also separate and distinct units for killpoints and any rule purposes other than how they interact while they're joined as a unit. They're just like any other ICs that have been joined to a unit, except that they have this rule:

Rulebook wrote:
Psychic Bond: Both Farseers must join the Warlock Conclave before deployment, and cannot leave the unit.

As for your list, I think the succubus might be overkill on the melee beatstick front with already having The Visarch and Yvraine. If it were me, I wouldn't take the triumverate at all because I think they're overpriced models with neat-sounding but impractical rules, and I'm a pragmatic sort of fella. Wink

Also, having that many points in your deathstar without having a plan for mobility is a mistake, in my opinion. 1 WWP isn't going to fix their woes. As a matter of fact, it means at least 1 turn where ~1400 points of your army isn't on the table. Then once they show up, they can't assault on the turn they arrive, so that gives your opponent the opportunity to move away from you, and basically just play "avoid the deathstar" for the rest of the game.

I don't think the deathstar + wraithknight idea is bad. I just think it needs bean-countered to be WAAAAY more efficient. I know your purpose is to try to find a cool way to field Yvraine and the Visarch to take advantage of their abilities, so I understand that me telling you they're not good is unlikely to be happy news. Despite them appearing to have synergy on the surface, they really don't because they force us to take models in the least efficient way possible: On foot, and not in vehicles due to the absurdity of Ynarri units having 2 factions, and requiring both factions to match in order to start in a transport. It's really unfortunate GW gave us such nice models and such bad rules. But hey, on the bright side, the army rules are good! Very Happy

EDIT: If you really want to field Yvraine and The Visarch in a unit, you'd be better off going with either a unit of Khymera, or a unit of Swooping hawks. Both have better movement options, so you can string the unit out to get the front few models close to assault targets, then use assaults to sort of "slingshot" your characters across the board. I used to do this with khymera to create DE/Eldar deathstars back in our previous codex when archons could be good in CC. With a unit of swooping hawks, you could quite possibly manage a first turn charge, because they move 18".
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Freakstar?   Sun Mar 19 2017, 16:18

The idea of swooping hawks sling shotting melee beatstick to combat is great! 36" movement with sb and charge on top, that's going to take opponent by surprise, add hit and run ic to the mix and let fun times begin!
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Freakstar?   Sun Mar 19 2017, 17:43

I appreciate all the feedback, and the weaknesses mentioned. I don't think it would be competitive, it was really more of a thought experiment put out there. I think the best way to run Ynnari is MSU style.
That said, Dropping the succubus and warlocks to get the star at 10 models means they could board a FA raider turn one. Though while embarked the psychic might is limited to witch fires. Which takes all the fun out of them. Sadly the special characters and Shadowseer don't get the option to do anything but walk or hop in someone else's transport.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Freakstar?   

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1850 Freakstar?
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