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 Pure DE Warlord trait options

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PostSubject: Pure DE Warlord trait options   Sun Mar 12 2017, 17:55

Last tourny I was going for tactical objectives. I like them for these reasons:

Night Fighting: redundant night vision. But if you are against an Alpha strike army, you can commit to trying to get this trait and increase chances of Night fighting from 18/36 (4+) to 29/36. I found it very useful when i reposition into a refused flank strategy.

Infiltrate 3 units: I liked this one for playing against beta strike armies, I got lucky and had it against drop pod marines. I just took kabal units and hid them in cover away from objectives.

City Attack one: Lets you hide move veichles through ruins, really nice for those immobilization results i always seem to roll. (also apparently you cant use a venoms 5++ to save it)

What do you guys think?

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PostSubject: Re: Pure DE Warlord trait options   Sun Mar 12 2017, 18:31

Depends, I like command a lot as well, especially when I know my Warlord is going to be in the action.

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Pure DE Warlord trait options
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