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 1850 pts Tournament (CAD+1 formation)

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PostSubject: 1850 pts Tournament (CAD+1 formation)   Mon Feb 27 2017, 13:53

Greetings fellow Archons

So I have a Tournament end of April with following rules:

CAD or Codex based Detachment (Realspace raiders in this case, decurions are not allowed) + 1 formation from parent codex or supplement that is originated from parent codex, so no mix matching with brothers. Missions are maelstrom with cards and secondary, and LoW is limited to 400 pts. No Ynnari and Gathering the storm armies in general.

I have made 4 versions of the same list consisting of CAD which are usual lists for DE army:

HQ: Succubus or Archon

Elite: Dark lance Trueborns

Troops: 3 venoms and 1 Raider filled with Kabalites, depending on points some with blasters, some not, and raider is also with splinter cannon Kabalite

Fast: Razorwing or 6 Reavers, 6 Reavers, Haywire scourges

Heavy: Ravager with dark lances


I haven't wrote the equipment because it differs from list to list in order to fit into 1850 pts.

But I have a couple of dilemmas:

1. Archon or Succubus as a Grotesquerie IC?
2. CAD or Realspace raiders in order to field more fast attack units?
3. In case of CAD, Razorwing or another 6 men Reaver unit?
4. Are Scourges and Ravager enough to bring down the Imperial Knight?
5. How would this fare against Wraithknight?
6. Are there any other things I should pay attention to?

Meta is unknown to me since the tournament is in neighboring country and will probably be more regional.

Thank you
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 pts Tournament (CAD+1 formation)   Mon Feb 27 2017, 21:41

1. What do you plan to kit them with?
2. CAD, not having ObSec will hurt you in maelstrom tournaments
3. What is the likelihood of you seeing multiple FMC spam lists? If high, Razorwing, if low, bikes.
4. Depending on what the kit is on the knight, I'd try and avoid it if I could more than worrying about it. I'd use the scourges and ravager to keep its attention off your other units and focus on picking up shiny objectives instead, just get a high points lead and don't get tabled.
5. You've probably got enough poison in there, but I couldn't be too sure, I'm not so familiar with the grotesquerie, as I only have 1 grotesque.
6. Not really other than will they be modified cards? What about faction decks if not?
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 pts Tournament (CAD+1 formation)   Mon Feb 27 2017, 21:54

1. Succubus. Offensively tooled archon is ridiculously expensive and coinflippy. Defensive tooled archon doesn't provide much net survivability boost to the already hearty grotesques.
2. CAD
3. Reavers. 1 razorwing isn't going to be enough in the circumstances that warrant it.
4. Ish. Two units of Haywire scourges would, but I don't feel the same way about the ravager. Factoring in the trueborn with blasters not dark lances, and I'd say you can almost certainly handle 1-2 non-war convocation knights.
5. You can't kill it. so bleed for as long as possible while eliminating all the other squads and scoring points.
6. You have no ignores cover so Dark Angels will be hard.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 pts Tournament (CAD+1 formation)   Tue Feb 28 2017, 07:15

Thanks a lot!

I think you are right amorrowlyday, will use Succubus, and since the applied armies list came out this morning, I don't see any mass FMC's. Mostly Marines, so I will go for bikes. I will also modify the list so that Blasterborns are in Elite slot instead of Dlanceborns (?).

Cards will be faction decks, and I was thinking of introducing 1 venom with medusae for AP3 ignore covers if I can squeeze it in list points wise. Any thoughts on that?
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1850 pts Tournament (CAD+1 formation)
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