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 Army List 850pts

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PostSubject: Army List 850pts   Fri Feb 24 2017, 02:17

This my small army i've built. Any feedback would be appreciated. My next steps  I'm thinking is 3 x Venoms, and 2 x 5 man Wych squads. Thanks guys

Archon + 60 pts
Blast Pistol + 15pts
Huskblade + 25pts
Armor of Misery + 15pts
Soul Trap + 10pts
Total = 125pts

Haemoculus + 70pts
Stinger Pistol + 5pts
Scissorhand + 10pts
Clonefield + 20pts
Total = 105pts

2 x Sslyth + 25pts
Total = 50pts

10x Warriors + 8pts
Sybarite + 10pts
Splinter Cannon + 15pts
Total = 105pts

Raider + 55pts
Splinter racks + 15
Total = 70 pts

Fast Attack
3 x Reavers + 16pts
Total = 48pts

5x Scourges + 16pts
Solarite + 10pts
3x Haywire Blasters + 10pts.
Total = 120pts

10x Wracks + 10pts
Acothyst + 10 pts
Total = 110pts

Heavy Support
1 x Cronus + 100pts
Spirit Probe + 25pts
Total = 125pts

TOTAL = 858pts
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PostSubject: Re: Army List 850pts   Fri Feb 24 2017, 07:19

I reckon you should make it 8 Wyches in the raider so the HQ's can join them, or 9 if the Heamie is marching up the table with the Cronos. A tacos is also generally better than a Cronos, and the scourge might swell have another HWB. put the kabalites in the venoms, and ditch the wracks. caltrops are great, and blaster/HL are good too. Scalpel squadron if you really like wracks.

so... put everything in transports.
if this is themed, please ignore me and do what you want.

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PostSubject: Re: Army List 850pts   Fri Feb 24 2017, 08:20

1. Do not spell out points. We know them, and posting them can spur on GW legal action.

Here is your list in a really straightforward format I suggest you adopt:
Archon - Blast pistol, Huskblade, Armour of misery, Soul Trap,
Haemonculus - Stinger Pistol, Scissorhand, Clonefield
Court - 2xSslyth
1xWracks - 10x - Acothyst
1xWarriors - 10x - Sybarite, 1xsplinter cannon - Raider w/splinter racks
1xScourges - solarite, 3xhaywire blaster
1xCronos - spirit probe


I used a third of the space you did and conveyed the exact same information in a much easier to parse format.

2. This is not a legal list and I highly recommend fixing that first and foremost.
3. you waste all of these points on the wrong sgts and then don't even do anything with them. same problem with bodies.
4. Haemonculus can't take arcane wargear and if you going to take 1 splinter pistol on the haemonculus they might as well go akimbo with the parasites kiss as well for 2+ poison gunslinger.
5. This archon is awful. First of all the spirit probe and the huskblade have no synergy, and are expensive together. secondly you only have a 5+ as at T3 you aren't going to be getting your fnp ever.
6. big squads are bad. you're paying 4pts per shot at 12" and 8pts per shot at 24" for those kabalites and that's an absolutely horrible return.
7. 858 is not 850. Fix it. with very little effort you'll have a highly mediocre 850pt list. Were I to make suggestions I'd begin by breaking your collection up into proper units and let you fill in the blanks from there.
8. We were a mechanized army before it was cool everything in transports.

Here's how i build your collection with what you have going mono-DE:

Haemonculus - Stinger pistol, Parasites kiss, Scissor hands
Archon - Shadowfield, Haywire Grenade
Court - 2xSslyth - Raider
2xWarriors - 5x - Sybarite w/Haywire Grenade - Venom w/Splinter Cannon
1xReavers - 3x - Arena Champion w/cluster caltrops - [non-sgt can have a special weapon if you want]
1xScourges - 5x - 4xHaywire Blaster
1xCronos - Spirit Probe
Scalpel Squadron
2xWracks - 5x - Ossefactor - Venom w/Splinter Cannon


So to do this all you need is 4 venoms. It will also let you null deploy which is excellent for learning. Don't buy wyches unless you are going to play Ynnari.

To pare this back to 850 I'd probably do this:
Haemonculus - Stinger pistol, Parasites kiss,
Archon - Shadowfield, Haywire Grenade
Court - 2xSslyth - Raider
1xWracks - 5x - Venom w/Splinter Cannon
2xWarriors - 5x - Sybarite w/Haywire Grenade - Venom w/Splinter Cannon
1xReavers - 3x - Arena Champion w/cluster caltrops - Blaster
1xScourges - 5x - 4xHaywire Blaster

And the only purchases this one calls for is 3 venoms.

The Archon, Haemonculus and 2 Sslyths ride in the raider as a T5 unit with the archon tanking everything it can using it's 2++.

good luck whatever you do.
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Army List 850pts
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