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 Harlequins + Dark Eldar

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PostSubject: Harlequins + Dark Eldar   Tue Feb 14 2017, 20:39

A while back I started up Dark Eldar and found this forum which greatly helped me get the hang of DE and build good fun lists with enough bite to do well.

Now I am picking up Harlequins and I wanto to support them with my DE but I'm not 100% positive on how to best go about doing so. What I do know is that I want to field all my Harlequins, and the optimal formations I want to use are as follows:

1 Cast of Players, 418 pts (Crusader; Heralds of the Laughing God)
11 Troupe (Shuriken Pistol x11; Close Combat Weapon x5; Harlequin's Kiss x6)
1 Troupe Master (Shuriken Pistol; Harlequin's Caress)

1 Inriam's Spectre

1 Shadowseer (Neuro Disruptor; Miststave; Mastery 2)
1 The Mask of Secrets

1 Cegorach's Jest, 438 pts (Rising Crescendo)
11 Troupe (Shuriken Pistol x11; Close Combat Weapon x5; Harlequin's Kiss x6)
1 Troupe Master (Shuriken Pistol; Harlequin's Caress)

2 Skyweaver (Zephyrglaive x2; Mirage Launcher x2)

1 Voidweaver (Shuriken Cannon x2; Prismatic Cannon; Mirage Launcher)

856 pts total. That leaves me with 994 points for some DE to field alongside them for maximum carnage.

I have many DE units and wanted some ideas from you guys about what you recommend as the ideal support for these Harlies. Most of the actual list will be a Dark Eldar detachment so they are the key.
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PostSubject: Re: Harlequins + Dark Eldar   Tue Feb 14 2017, 21:41

The leadership debuffs of the Succubus/Archon with the armour of misery or the covens formations stack nicely with the mask of secrets on your shadowseer to allow psychic shriek of mirror of minds to be particularly brutal. There is a whole series of tactica guides on the forum for running this kind of leadership based attack style army if that's the way you want to go.

Anti armour from scourges, ravagers etc to pop open transports for your troupes to get at the infantry inside would be useful.

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PostSubject: Re: Harlequins + Dark Eldar   Wed Feb 15 2017, 00:55

I used to run a similar setup, though just used a large Masque Detachment since an abundance of overly psychic opponents meant Shadowseers were risky bets.

I would rock out a few Caltrop Reavers to help screen these guys, before sending the last lonely dude in to HoW things. In addition, lots of Venoms for target saturation and Ravagers for anti tank!

FYI, you can run these as part of an Ynnari Reborn Warhost if you so desire. Soulburst can easily speed these guys along - your main downside is of course lacking Objective Secured from traditional CAD or the 6 Fast Attack slots of Realspace Raiders, so do plan around that!
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PostSubject: Re: Harlequins + Dark Eldar   Wed Feb 15 2017, 00:59

So by the looks of things you are not jumping on the new Ynnari hotness? Basically you can take all the good parts of the Harlies, and put them in with your DE, while buffing both.

Regardless if you go with the Ynnari or with vanilla, you really need to keep your upgrades in check. Even though the clowns hit like a ton of bricks, its still a challenge to get them INTO combat. Most canny players will shoot them from 36", and your T3 5++ doesnt do well against massed small arms fire.

For your DE portion, I would recomend starting with at least 3 squads of 5 warriors in a dual SC venom (costs only 105 pts). It gets you a fast ObSec unit that can shoot at range, move like the dickens, and even if the enemy kills your venom the warriors just jump out and hold your objective.

The Grotesquery formation is also cash-money. The Dark Artesian makes a tough distraction unit (when it finally arrives)
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PostSubject: Re: Harlequins + Dark Eldar   Tue Feb 21 2017, 08:34

I would probably second that upgrades need to be held in check. But you must make a good use of them, cause upgrades are what makes Harlequins.
I like Caresses very much, my regular troup have equal number of kisses and caresses. And some of the guys with just CCW - they will die first.

I'd take DE CAD for Harlies and have enough Venoms and Ravagers there, cause Harlies struggle at long range AI or AT and taking objectives.

I'd also upgrade the Voidweaver to BS5. Some points yeah, but blasts like those +1 BS buff.

One of the thing to consider is to use Ynnari Detachment, Harlies lose nothing there, only gain.
Take min size restriction abiding force then slap a biggest harlie formation.

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PostSubject: Re: Harlequins + Dark Eldar   

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Harlequins + Dark Eldar
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