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 New home-brew rules for Gangs of Comorragh

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PostSubject: New home-brew rules for Gangs of Comorragh   Tue Feb 14 2017, 17:41

Hello Dark Denizens!

I and a few friends have been having great fun with Gangs of Comorragh, and we're hoping to add a bit more depth into the game by adding more units and upgrades.

First order of business: We already have decided to ditch GW's attachment to the 40k rules restrictions for upgrades on both Helions and Scourges, because Gangs of Comorragh is a separate game system. It's already been good for depth and fun to allow level 3+ units to take the Helliarch/Arena Champ melee upgrades.

I haven't fully translated my ideas into the game's mechanics yet, but as I do I'll update the thread. If anyone else has tried any of these I'd be highly interested to see your interpretations. Also, I understand that as a relative newcomer to the Dark Eldar fluff world, I may be committing some Fluff Sins by, for instance, allowing a Hellion to take a Shardnet and Impaler, so if you want to point those out that's fine as well.

New Upgrades:

I want to add most of the Wych melee equipment into the game as standard weaponry for the basic units, especially Hellions, who I feel would be unlikely to be ALL masters of the Hellglaive. What if they can't afford one? What if they get their hands on something else, would they not use it? As a street gang, they sure have pretty uniform equipment currently Wink

-Pistol/CCW or paired CCW: To be available to Helions of all experience levels. This is likely to be a side-grade rather than an upgrade to the Hellglaive, enabling maybe slightly deadlier close combat attacks at the cost of the reach of the Hellglaive.

-Chainblade: The various chain weapons available in the Wych kit that don't currently have distinct 40k rules. Available to Reavers and Hellions of level 2+, a very low-cost weapon upgrade.

-Shardnet and Impaler: Available to Hellions, but not Reavers as it would require 2 free hands. Enables either a low or no damage attack with the stun rule, or a more potent "finisher" attack that receives large bonuses against stunned targets.

-Razorflails: Only available to Helliarch, maybe not at all because they would be very difficult to use from a Skyboard. Offers the wielder the opportunity to make a double melee attack.

-Trophy Spear: Available to level 2+ Hellions or Reavers, the long barbed spear that appears on Raiders and Venoms. The Raider kit comes with at least one arm bit holding one. Though less effective than default weaponry due to its awkwardness, a kill with the trophy spear gives a highly effective motivational tool - any time a model successfully makes a kill with the trophy spear, he gains a token that allows the player to auto-pass one break test.

-Hydra Gauntlet: Available to level 2+ Hellions and Reavers. The Hydra gauntlet allows the user to make a long-shot attack back any time they are attacked in melee, but offers no advantages over default equipment in terms of offense.

New Units:

Because...why not? Plenty of deadly combatants might fight at high speeds in the skies of Comorragh!

-Scourges: a good deal cheaper than a standard gang member, Scourges are a common sight in Comorragh's gang wars. They are, however, a purely mercenary order, and do not have an experience advancement tree. Compared to Reavers and Hellions they are very slow, but don't need to concern themselves with turning arcs and have no minimum movement. Additionally, the spires of Comorragh represent not risk, but shelter to a Scourge, and they can perch in place to gain a cover save and fire their weapon. Scourges can take a Heavy Weapon upgrade to increase their range and killing power, or a Power Lance to grant them the option to make a melee attack. Opposing gangs may see the Scourge's low speed as a point of vulnerability, but even so many think twice about attacking them - a player who kills one or more scourge in a battle is known to be an enemy of the Scourge in his next fight. A player in a fight against an enemy of the Scourge can hire any number of Scourge mercenaries at half-cost as temporary mercenaries that he does not need to have purchased beforehand for his gang.

-Beastmasters and Razorwings: Wild razorwings typically steer clear of the noise and violence of a gang war, instead preferring to descend after the dust has settled for easy carrion. The opponent of a gang that includes a member of the enigmatic Beastmaster order, however, might find unpleasant surprises waiting to burst forth from Comorragh's spires. One Helion ganger can, at cost, be upgraded to a Beastmaster, who can command up to two flocks of Razorwings. Slightly slower than a Hellion and lacking a ranged attack, Razorwings make up for those limitations with a deadly ambush capability. Before any fight, a player with one or more razorwing flocks may secretly mark down a spire where the birds are hiding. As an action during movement, a flock may choose to move from their perch to attack enemy gang members.

-Raiders and Venoms: The Dark Eldar's preferred transports are fast and maneuverable enough to keep up with the breakneck combat of Comorragh's gangs, though typically the expense involved with owning one limits the number that any gang has access to. A gang may own only a single Raider or Venom.

Game Behavior - Transports are far bulkier than a standard gang member, and are therefore immune to being stunned or involuntarily moved. Compared to maneuverable Hellions and Scourges, they are somewhat sluggish, and operate best with an escort to prevent them from being gunned down by enemies that get around to their rear arc. When they can bring their considerable firepower and numerous different attacks to bear, however, transports can be devastating.

Weaponry - Raiders come default with a disintegrator which can be upgraded to a longer ranged Dark Lance. Their larger bulk makes their ramming attacks stronger than Venoms'. A venom comes by default with a splinter cannon and Splinter Rifle, and the rifle can be upgraded to a second splinter cannon.

Crew - Crew represent the number of passengers aboard the transport. A Raider or Venom comes with 2 crew by default, 3 more can be added to a Venom, up to 8 more can be added to a Raider. Any time a Raider or Venom would be wounded, it instead loses a Crew, and any time it would be killed by an attack, it loses D3 crew. In addition to representing the transport's durability, the crew offer an additional melee and ranged attack which gains in strength the more crew a transport has beyond the default driver and gunner. Each Crew counts as a gang member for the purpose of morale, and each crew killed a casualty.

Four types of crew can be purchased:

Gang Scum Crew: Default crew, cheaper than the other three options.
Wych Crew: Stronger Crew Melee Attack
Kabalite Crew: Longer ranged Crew Ranged Attack
Wrack Crew: More resistant to injury

Vehicle Upgrades - A number of useful upgrades can be applied to a transport. A fully crewed, upgraded transport can in theory be the entirety of a deployed Murderpack.

Chain-Snares: increase the accuracy of the transport's Ramming attack
Trophies: Allow a re-roll to the first Break test a gang must make
Shield Generators: grant the transport a 5+ save vs any shooting attacks coming from the front arc

Only available to Raiders-

Shock Ram: Increase the strength of the Raider's Ramming attack
Splinter Racks: Increase the accuracy of the Crew ranged attack
Enhanced Aethersails: Increase the maximum movement rate of the Raider
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PostSubject: Re: New home-brew rules for Gangs of Comorragh   Sun Apr 30 2017, 14:08

This is really impressive and inspiring, Im surprised it hadmt gotten any more attention. I believe the canon name for the trophy spear is a boarding hook. Maybe they could interact with the Raiders and Venom's somehow. Just a thought Smile
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New home-brew rules for Gangs of Comorragh
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