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 1850 List Review

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PostSubject: 1850 List Review   Mon Feb 06 2017, 01:48

Came up with this list the other night. Looking to maybe get back into the game with a list like this. With the state of the game as it is, how do yall think this list measures up?

Dark Eldar CAD

Archon 115
-haywire grenades
-webway portal

10 Warriors 140 x2
-dark lance

Beast Pack 100 x3
1 Beastmaster
9 Khymerae

Talos 145 x3
-haywire blaster

Eldar Cad

Spirit Seer 75
-singing spear

5 Windrider Jetbikes 135 x2
-scatter lasers

5 Wraithguard 160

3 War Walkers 70 x3
-bright lances

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PostSubject: Re: 1850 List Review   Mon Feb 06 2017, 02:15

Any takers?
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 List Review   Thu Feb 09 2017, 14:44

MSU is the key in this meta, I would split up a lot of those squads, also you have some questionable wargear selections. Archon for instance has a wwp, why? Are you going to DS him with WG? I would drop him for lhamean in a venom w/splinter cannon, split up your troops into two venoms w/splinter cannons. Drop beast back, not that useful, maybe some reavers w/cluster caltrops or scourge w/haywire blsters. Talos are pretty slow, DE is all about speed. I would drop for some ravagers w/triple lance. Eldar cad, I would get a farseer w/spear on a bike, scatter bikes are fine, might have to mess with the numbers, wraithguard throw in a wave serpent w/d scythes. Not too much experience with craftworld eldar. There is alot of information floating around as far as optimal formations and what is overall goal. But, that would be a few observations. GL.
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1850 List Review
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