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 Eldar tips for campaign

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PostSubject: Eldar tips for campaign   Thu Feb 02 2017, 03:12

Hello there

In about a month or two my gaming club will start a new campaign based on crusade of fire.
I've decided to play for the xeno team and picked my eldars, but my mind can't come upp with a fun list without trying to cheese it. I'm trying to make something that's both fun to play and fight against for my opponents.
We have no restrictions, and the army points will go in phases, begining with 750, going to 1000 and lastly 1250.

My current idea is

Farseer with spear and spirit stone - 120
Warlock with spear - 40

2 Dire Avenger squads 1 with shield 160
1 Nightwith with Holo-field 140
3 Shadow Spectres 75

Avatar of Khaine 195

Army total 730

tips and critique is welcome
for ref of what more I own to alter my list

wraithseer/ wraithlord
2 Dire squads
2 shadow spectres
1 crimson hunter/ hemlock
1 fire prism/ warp hunter, got magnetized towers

urien rakarth/ hemmy
1 wrack suad
70 kabalites
1 venom
1 ravager
1 raider/ ravager magnatized

Thanks in advance
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Eldar tips for campaign
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