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 Drukhari - What do we think?

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PostSubject: Re: Drukhari - What do we think?   Sun Feb 12 2017, 01:52

The Dark Eldar serve Slaanesh. Every time they 'feed' on someone's pain or fear, that pain and fear is actually being funneled to Slaanesh (the reason they become all withered and horrific if they don't feed is because Slaanesh eats them instead).

So the Dark Eldar, in their 'natural state,' spend every waking moment serving the needs of a divine (profane) entity, their every action dedicated to this service. Those amongst them who are the most proficient at serving the cruel nature of the entity that controls them are rewarded with strength, vitality, and life everlasting.

A life of servitude for the promise of life eternal is pretty much textbook worship. The Dark Eldar don't call it worship because they can't face the truth: that their just the pawns of Slaanesh.

Those Dark Eldar who have the capacity to face that hard truth and come to Ynnead understanding the nature of their relationship have a hope of something better: a future where their lives are their own again.

Both the Ynnari and the True Kin of Commorragh worship deities. It's just the Ynnari are honest with themselves about it.
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PostSubject: Re: Drukhari - What do we think?   Sun Feb 12 2017, 03:12

That sounds like heresy to me.

Really terrible videos about tiny plastic space elfs intended to help you get gud scrub:

Flawless pieces of literary perfection:
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PostSubject: Re: Drukhari - What do we think?   Sun Feb 12 2017, 03:14

So did anyone find ANY locations were Drukhari actually appears in the leaked rules text? I can't. Suppose it's a fluff only thing like Astra Militarum? Or maybe it will be an identity binder in the future like how aelves have like 3 different keyword modifiers depending on which specifc model we're discussing?
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PostSubject: Re: Drukhari - What do we think?   

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Drukhari - What do we think?
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