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 Death's Companions

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PostSubject: Death's Companions   Death's Companions I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24 2017, 15:51

The common consensus seems to indicate that the formations from the Death masque set are below par, especially the troupe replacements.

I am currently building a list at 1850 points, running a standard Revenge formation, and am toying with the idea of adding the Death's Companions in a Cast of Players alongside.

Like the rest of the army, they will be able to run and charge the same turn. In addition, they can use their ability turn one, and also benefit from Crusader, making them extremely fast for a unit on foot.

The main problems are the mandatory upgrades. However, the two kisses and two Caresses are similar to what I would take in a standard troupe. In fact, building a troupe with similar upgrades is 11 points MORE expensive than the Death's Companions. That is without the neuro disruptor, which they get on top of that, but that I ignored since it is trivial in the game. The only downside that matters in that respect is the weakened troupe master (Dusk has -1 WS, -1 BS, -1 I, and -1 A).

The way I see it, running a Death's Companion in a Cast of Players gives you more for less.
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PostSubject: Re: Death's Companions   Death's Companions I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 26 2017, 11:57

I guess it depends on what points you can spare. I like to make it so all my Harlequins can punch with some AP2 and I really need my Haywire dudes to be hitting if my hand is forced to anti-tank for a turn, too.

The Revenge formation has so much chaff, which for me, removes the joy of list construction.... actually I can't keep a straight face. I just haven't got enough Shadowseers and Harlequin vehicles yet, so I am just a little jelly forum troll.

Kia Kaha, Dark Eldar players!
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Death's Companions
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