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 Gangs of Commorragh

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PostSubject: Gangs of Commorragh   Mon Jan 23 2017, 06:03

Hey everyone,

So, the Gangs of Commorragh game is up on the GW website: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-CA/Gangs-of-Commorragh-ENG

My personal thoughts? As a box for models, this is absolutely amazing, youre getting $155 (CAD) worth of models for $70, as well as 6 dice, various markers, rules, and even some crappy DE terrain.

As for the game itself, it seems to be an escalation game, which is perfect for me as I can bring it over to my non-40k playing friends house, and pound some beers and roll some dice.

What are your guys thoughts on this? Obviously this isnt going to help DE within actual games, but for someone who needs Reavers, this is an amazing box set. Plus, its some DE love, which is always appreciated!

Ill personally be picking up two!
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PostSubject: Re: Gangs of Commorragh   Mon Jan 23 2017, 06:45

Seems amazing for the reavers alone. I'm hoping hellions somehow get buffed in the future, I may assemble and paint because they may look neat on my shelf. I am personally not getting it for the rules and game, just for the jetbikes pretty much. Everything else is just a bonus.

I have also pre-ordered 2!
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PostSubject: Re: Gangs of Commorragh   Fri Jan 27 2017, 07:26

Please use the existing thread. Thanks - Count Adhemar


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PostSubject: Re: Gangs of Commorragh   

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Gangs of Commorragh
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