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 DE vs SM Tread Head list 750 points

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DE vs SM Tread Head list 750 points Empty
PostSubject: DE vs SM Tread Head list 750 points   DE vs SM Tread Head list 750 points I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 19 2017, 13:07

Well, after a wonderful report from the ATC featuring SkullNBones, here is my little addition to the DE edition.

The locals play an escalating weekly narrative tournament, vying for the control of a planet. All the players are divided into 3 groups and assigned a respective continent to represent and expand by taking over planetary tiles from opponents in opposing continents. As the tournament progresses over 3 months, so do the points limits and the experience skills of 3 selected units.

This month we play 750 points on 4x4 tables to accommodate as many new people as possible. Our club is humming with 60-odd people participating.

I have chosen a RSR detachment.

2 x 5 man Kabalites with Blaster, Sybarite with Haywire Grenades, Raiders with DL, Nightshields and Enhanced Aethersails. Sybarite is Warlord.
6x 3 man RJBs with 3 groups toting blasters, 3 groups toting Heat Lances and Cluster Caltrops on all the Special Weapon dudes.

Ahem. Does the above sound familiar?

Today I played against a fellow that tabled me previously. He loves his tanks.
SM special doo-dag formation, maybe Iron Hands? Vehicles had It Will Not Die, Techmarine could repair on 4+ re-rollable, Infantry had +1 to FNP rolls (but no FNP natively, so 6+)

5 SM with a Melta
Heavy Bolter Razorback
Squadron of 3 Predators with Las Cannon sponsons and autocannons.

He had his book with him to show how he could field as little infantry as possible and the TO had green lit it.

This was how he started our pre-game interaction: "I hope you haven't brought DE again and you've actually got something that can get through my vehicles?"  
"Yeah, I have brought DE, actually, and everything can do something to vehicles." We talked through what is what.
Mr SM concludes with: "I feel sorry for DE. Everything is made of paper and they drop like flies. I don't find them hard to beat and they are boring to play against. However, it is a Maelstrom mission this week, you've got a lot of small units, you might have a chance. We'll see how you go."

This game was going to be a lesson in humility. I knew Mr SM was good, if a "tad" over-confident, but I knew what I wanted to do the next time we ever played. Perhaps you are reading to this point and you know, based on my list, what I am going to do.

The mission is Cleanse and Control: Vanguard Strike deployment. His warlord trait is +1 to seize. My warlord trait is the WONDERFUL Conqueror of Cities (move through cover, +1 to cover in ruins). My Combat Drug is +1 WS. The objectives are placed like the 5 symbol on a die around the board.

I win roll off to deploy first and put everything down. One raider is screened by central ruins, the second is out of LOS. The reavers form a spider web of intrigue all across my deployment zone, spread far and wide. I just know I am going to get seized.

His predators roll up behind a large ruin for 4+ saves right diagonally in the opposite corner with the whirlwind behind. The vindicator completes their flank. The Techmarine and Razorback deploy behind a ruin, out of LOS, 12" away.

Mr SM rolls to seize and gets a 6. Naturally. I wish him luck. He says: "What?" and scoffs. OK.

The Vindicator trundles forward, is in range of one RJB squad. The Razorback half exposes itself. The rest of the tanks salivate at the proposition of the shooting phase. The RJBs jink away the Vindicator's Demolisher shell. The Whirlwind drops 2 RJBs with its slightly weaker but importantly AP5 ignores cover barrage. The Predators unload 9 pens and 3 glances on the visible raider. I jink away everything but 1 glance. The lone RJB does not break.

"Well, I didn't kill nearly enough but I've got half your army jinking," Mr SM smiles. Yes, my shooting is going to be ineffective on turn one. But my MOVEMENT however is not and I am thinking about how Turn 2 is going to look.

My turn one- Everything moves, then turbo boosts around his prize unit- the Predators. There was a convenient pocket for me to land  2x 3 man RJB squad behind his Preds and in front of his Whirlwind, too. The Raiders and RJBs have hemmed the preds in. They cannot pivot. The Vindicator shouldn't use its demolisher shell with the risk of scatter meaning it WILL hit his own units. The Razorback and the Vindicator are there own archipelago. This move is called: "The Lawrence."

Hands on hips Mr SM now sees he is in a bind: "Hmmm...." Deliberates his move for a time, then decides:"I am going to ram your raider." At this point I asked him:"I'm not sure if skimmers can still move out of the way of ramming vehicles on a 3+ or something." We try to find a rule like it, fail to do so (grrr, thanks 7th ed, that rule also disappeared), so my raider is wasted. Out pop 5 cheery unpinned Kabalites with a blaster and a Haywire Grenade, looking for some action.

The Vindicator targets my pocket shot Reavers. It scatters and knocks the missile launcher off the Whirlwind.
Everything else I have cover saves or jinks away the shots from disembarked marines and the razorback and the whirlwind.

My Turn 2: I disembark and shoot my Kabalites and RJBs into this sqquadron and get a bit overzealous on my damage results! 2 preds explode, the explosions are big, and some reavers take damage. I declare a jink and Mr SM says I can't. He is not shooting at me. Hmmm, not sure about that one, but I gave it to him because I had him by the balls. And he knew it. One squad of reavers fall back.

Assault takes out the Whirlwind and the remaining Pred. I am starting to pile on points- Destroy a unit in shooting, Get within 12" of opponents edge, etc.

His turn 3, he moves the Vindicator towards my deployment zone and parks himself between a ruin and pie plates 2 squads of Kabalites who were nicely packed together following the vehicle assaults. 3+ saves are non-existent as I roll 1s and 2s. A sybarite and Kabalite from one squad are alive. My warlord and his squad are dead. The razorback pours desperate fire into the reavers. The SM and techmarines unload bolt pistols and melta into a 3-man RJB squad. I take no casualties. They are assaulted and take no casualties and cause no damage. I Hit and Run away.

My T3 I move and turbo boost my bikes to snare the vindicator and keep away from the Techmarine's squad for the time being. Maelstrom points be damned, I am going for the table here and the Techmarine's turn will come.

His T4- Utterly ineffective, shots scatter or I continue to jink/cover save. Raider loses 1 HP to bolter glances.

My T4, I zip all my RJBs up either side of the vindicator. My Sybarite jumps on the raider to add extra open-topped movement range to his Haywire throwing arm. The side armour of the Vindicator is looking a bit thin. It dies to shooting and assault.

His Turn 5- his warlord techmarine makes a play for a central objective point and kills my last raider in passing, hull pointed out by bolters. Razorback holds the line, still can't kill an RJB. Points are close but the shape of our respective armies is now telling a tale that this is not to be a day to remember for the Astartes. 5 marines, Techmarine and razorback are all that is left. I have got two one man RJBs and 3 2-man RJB units left in the game.

My turn 5-  I draw Kingslayer. This is destiny. My coup d'grace is to wipe out his techmarine for an extra D3 points. My whole force re-positions and shoots and assaults the ablative wound marines away and start making in-roads on the warlord. The Techmarine is left with one wound. He smashes a reaver, but I still win combat. He can't get away.

The game continues to T6. Mr SMs shoulders slump.

His razorback tries to get a point for wiping a unit, targets the 2 kabalites. I GtG for a 2+ save. Sybarite dies. DICE Evil or Very Mad !! I make my cover save and LD check with 1 kabalite left.

Techmarine kills one more reaver, I can't FNP a power fist and don't have furious charge. Can't roll enough 5s or 6s to wound. 3 RJB squads have to pass LD7 checks. 2 squads make it. One runs. I HnR remaining units out. I forgot I was fearless. OOOPS.

My turn, I boost for line breaker, take an objective, max out on card points. Shoot and assault to get this 1 wound from his warlord with blaster, heat lance and 3 reavers splinter rifling away. He makes his 2+ armour saves and GtG keeps him safe from ID and low AP. I assault with no overwatch to worry about and Cluster caltrop him out of existence.

Mr SM concedes he has been soundly beaten and gives up the table. If there was a T7, his Razorback was going down.

Jerry Springer wraps this one up: Regardless of what army we collect, we do so because we like its playing style, look, background story and perhaps even its effectiveness on the table. We choose the army that is right for us. Variety makes the game richer and we can all learn from playing with or against something different. Be respectful, be good to yourself... and each other.

Kia Kaha, Dark Eldar players!
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DE vs SM Tread Head list 750 points
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