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 Minireport from Minitourney 1000pts

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PostSubject: Minireport from Minitourney 1000pts   Mon Jan 16 2017, 08:40

So I just had a fun day on a minitourney and I thought to put together a short report.
I ran a following list:
Archon, SF, Agoni, Misery Armour, HWG, Venom (2xSC, Snares)
Dakkaborn - 3x Blaster, 2xSC, Venom (2xSC, Snares)
Warriors - 10x incl Sybarite with HWG, Raider (Snares)
Wyches - 9x incl Hekatrix with HWG, Raider (Snares)
Reavers - 6x, 2x CC, 2x HL
Ravager with Disintegrators, Snares

1st game - Relic with Kill Points and TacEscalation Maelstrom, 6 non-mysterious objectives, Relic worth 6pts
against Nurgle CHSM with Plaguehulk (FW), Autocannon Havocs, 5 nurgle marines in Rhino, 3 nurgle termies, 10 zomibies and Typhus. First 3 rounds I killed his Hulk (oneshot form DSing Blasterborn), erased his Havocs and played to delay his advance, while my reavers, venoms and Ravager picked some Maelstrom points while peppering him with shots. Wyches were golden. They ofc lost combat with Termies and ran, but plinked points from Rhino and delayed and annoyed. Overall it was not well played on his part as he left Havocs exposed and didnt DS the Termies so I didnt have to race to the Relic and could play delay. However I lost the game in the end due to my Reavers failing Morale from shooting by 1 point and leaving the Relic where he could reach it and failing to regroup and running off table. Game ended T5. If it didnt, I would have burned Typhus down. So instead 16-9 for me, it ended 15-10 for him. :-(
NOTES: DSing Blasterborn - best unit. Honorary mentions - Reavers (but they need champ). Ravager - low points games Dissies are great. Worst unit - Warriors.

2nd game - Crusade with Killpoints, 3-cards Maelstrom, 4 Crusade objectives worth 3pts, 2 regular objectives worth 1, Diagonal deployment
His list - Corsairs CAD with Dark Eldar (Purge Coterie), Reaper Prince, with the Sabre, bike and SF, 6 Reavers, with Caltrops, Baron with those Dark Lance Jetpackers, Warp Hunter, 3 Lance Bikes, 5 snipers, Archon w. Blaster in Venom, Raider, 5 Kabalites.
He went first so I just deployed my Kabalites out of sight at the very corner of my table, kept everything in reserves including their Raider. He deployed as forward as possible. Since I was out of LOS and with no targets for his lances, he just lobbed me a template and missed my warriors. T2 my everything came in save one raider and empty Venom. I blew his Hunter, shot his Lance Jetpackers with their Venom so they ran off the table, and peppered his bikes with disintegrators, We spent some time wrestling mid field with some tactical errors on my side, that cost me the match. I pursued Maelstrom too much and left 6 points in his hands and he was able to strip me of 4 in the end. Although all he had left in the end was Prince, 2 Reavers, Archon with 1 wound and 3 snipers. He is a good player who attends one of the best tourneys in my country regularly so he did not make many (if any) mistakes. The end was 16-11 loss.
NOTES: Wyches with Archon and his SF, can take a lot more punishment than you think due to the SF failing at the end of the phase. So I let him eat the wounds from shooting until he was left with only 1 HP. I was unlucky with rolls there so my Hekatrix died, so I was unable to refuse his Prince's challenge and that cost me the Assault. Delaying the game by deploing only one unit actually almost won me the game. Best unit - Reavers, Dissie Ravager, Blasterborn.

3rd game Home objectives with Killpoints and 3-cards Maelstrom, 1 objective in each deployment zone worth 4 pts, 4 objectives worth 1.
Astra Militarum. Basilisk, 2 chimeras with Vets (one plas, one melta), Leman Russ, 2 blobs with autocannons, two command squads (one priest, one commisar). The player was very inexperienced. About his 5th game ever, so I even tried to help him a little. I let him deploy, refused his flank with Leman Russ, one blob and one Chimera and command, and focussed on his other side, where he didnt have enough space to maneuver or bring reinforcements due to amount of models and rich terrain in statues, ruins, etc. I deployed just raider with warriors. My reserves were coming slowly this time but wyches came T2 and I just Turboboosted along the flank and charged him with everything. It was a pure slaughter focussed on only one thing - getting him off his home objective, while grabbing some maelstrom. Wyches were golden. Archon just went on rampage alone. We ended after T4 as the time ran out. Time took long as we were looking up rules together and stuff. With me winning 10-5.
NOTES: Table was terrain-rich with some LOS blockers. Ideal for me, very bad for him. Not much to say there. He didnt count to encounter army like DE. The list was built to kill marines. He just could not focus any reasonable firepower to bring me down before I assault him. And I didnt even have my full force at the table until T4. Best unit - Archon and Wyches. Worst unit - Dissie Ravager.

Lots of fun. I didnt do exactly great, but it happens and was good experience.

Afterthoughts: I dont think I would ever take another unit of warriors instead of Wyches. Maybe if I would take another assault unit instead. Like Incubi. I dont like to play with Covens. Dissie Ravager can be a devastating beast. Deployment is so absolutely crucial for us that its not even funny. :-)
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PostSubject: Re: Minireport from Minitourney 1000pts   Mon Jan 16 2017, 15:26

Wow, I thought that we were not allowed to say nice things about Wyches on this forum Wink

Glad to see you represent the True Kin, and make a decent run at this! I cant believe that there was another player rocking DE (even with Corsair allies).
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PostSubject: Re: Minireport from Minitourney 1000pts   Mon Jan 16 2017, 16:28

@fisheyes wrote:
Wow, I thought that we were not allowed to say nice things about Wyches on this forum Wink
What can I say - I am a rebel. :-D

Yea. There are some DE players around. But not many and most just use the Coterie or Grotesquerie, CTC or Artisan plus Allies.

But notice how every game in local store is Killpoints... Hate the concept but the challenge is better. I just saw the results and I ended up 9th out of 14 with only 7 points separating me from the 3rd position. So overall those mistakes I made cost me the 3rd place. Difference between 3rd and 2nd was too big.

Best army: Genestealers 1st, SW were 2nd and Corsairs/DE 3rd.
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PostSubject: Re: Minireport from Minitourney 1000pts   

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Minireport from Minitourney 1000pts
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