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 500pts for Escalation

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PostSubject: 500pts for Escalation   Sun Jan 08 2017, 15:47

FLGS is running a new year new army escalation league (shameless sales tactics but fun Razz )
Decided I want to grab some Dark Eldar, this is my attempt at a list.

Combined Arms Detachment

Archon with a Blaster @ 140pts
Venom with extra cannon


5 Kabalites @ 120pts
Including a Sybarite with Haywire grenades
In a venom with extra cannon

5 Kabalites @ 120pts
Including a Sybarite with Haywire grenades
In a venom with extra cannon

5 Scourges @ 120pts
2 Blasters, 1 Heat Lance


Scourge equipment is for some versatility and so I don't have to buy extra boxes for bits.
I feel like the Archon is a huge points sink and vulnerable without a squad or the shadowfield but I just couldn't find the points and can't think of any other use for a HQ at this level without removing the scourges - which are kind of my favourite models in the army.
Why Sybarites with Haywire over blasters? Again so I don't have to find extra bits and I think the LD might be worth it in such a small squad - if they run they probably won't be coming back.

Also does anyone think I'll be 'that guy' for bringing 3 venoms at 500pts? Virtually anything can shoot them down with enough shots so I don't feel like it's too harsh.
Thanks Smile
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PostSubject: Re: 500pts for Escalation   Sun Jan 08 2017, 17:01

You're never going to be 'that guy' if you're running a pure dark eldar list.  It's just not possible.  Venom and Raider spam is what we do, and it's mostly all we do apart from Coven stuff (as far as I know).  As for your Archon one way you might want to think about his survivability is to divide his points by the number of wounds he has and then imagine one-wound models with his save and think about the survivability of this 'squad'.  Problem is that you're quite vulnerable to insta death what with S6+ shooting being as commonplace as it is (at least in my meta).  I would always keep his Venom near another infantry venom so that you can screen his venom with the other and if his is destroyed he can join the other infantry squad.  However, normally I would be extremely reluctant to disembark said squad for the purpose of hiding him in it.  That would likely be a bad idea as you sacrifice that squad's maneuverability.  If there is no squad already out of their transport I would try taking advantage of the fact that he is a small single model to hide him behind line of sight blocking terrain, especially if you're playing with the Slay the Warlord objective.  Best of luck!  Very Happy

I love 8th edition, and I love Dark Eldar in 8th, but I still can't wait for fluffy Kabal rules to drop in our dex.  I have written multiple Dark Eldar fan codexes (3 and a "mini-fandex" which was totally ridiculous), the latest of which (for 7th edition) can be found here.  I also created a Blood Angels 7th edition fan codex, and I have used the Age of Sigmar Kharadron Overlords battletome to create a 40k Squats codex complete with a bunch of Stratagems.
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PostSubject: Re: 500pts for Escalation   Thu Jan 12 2017, 23:35

Hi there,

I actually don't think your list is too bad, assuming this is your entire collection?

Scourge weapons are best when run in sets of 4 matching weapons, but at this level, meh. You only get 1 of each, sadly the only option is to convert weapons at the moment, without buying 5 boxes per single squad you run. Welcome to DE Smile

So, what's the next level of the escalation look like & how did the 500pt rounds go?
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: 500pts for Escalation   Fri Jan 13 2017, 01:52

There's no such thing as a Dark Eldar "that guy".

Pretty standard and solid start. I agree with Rewind on the matching weapons for Scourge. You can get bits from other players at your store or even eBay, if they won't just let you call 'em whatever you want.

I do recommend Heat Lances. You've got some anti-vehicle with the grenade Sybarites, plenty of anti-infantry, but those Heat Lances will be great for MCs and even putting more reliable hurt on Marines - plus they can still run up and Melta some vehicles if for some reason you're facing a mech-heavy list.

Can I get a Roll Tide?
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500pts for Escalation
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