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 1k vs blood angels

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Serena succabus

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PostSubject: 1k vs blood angels   Sat Jan 07 2017, 18:54

Played a game last night. We rolled up kill points so I was always going to be on the back foot. And when I watched him deploy his vindicator and a baal predicted I thought o boy.
Turn 1 I watched him destroy 2 venoms and 5 from the 2 crews with his drop pod tac squad. Luckily my dark artisan saved against all his heavys. My retaliation was somewhat lack lister taking 2 hp off the vindicator with my scurge and killing 1 tac marine.
Turn 2 he finished off the 2 man warrior unit and wiped out my scurge putting the score to 5 -0 blood angels were storming ahead. My turn 2 my dark artisan made short work of his baal predicted and I killed another 2 marines. It was not looking good for me at this point but I was determined not to get wiped out.
Turn 3 he wiped out the other warrior and his death company and Chaplin charged my raider holding my Succabus and grots and wrecked it and his dread charged my dark artisan stripping 2 wounds from my Cronos. But they stripped 2 hp from the dread. My turn 2 my reavers charged the rear of his rhino and blew it up on impact hits.my grots and succy into the death company and left just 1 and the Chaplin and the dark artisan finished off the dread but I lost my Cronos.
Turn 4 his assault marines wiped out the reavers and his remains tac squad came to help the death company but fluffed his charge. And my succy finishes the fight in spectacular fashion before anyone else could swing. Warlord kill the come back was on. My turn 4 turned the battle around my dark artisan finished off the vindicator. I made the bold decision to split my succy from the grots and she charged into the 5 man tac squad solo while the grots charged to 7 man tac squad. Serena succabus 5 hits 5 wounds bye bye assault squad as the glave sliced them all to ribbons the grots smashed onto the tack squad taking 2 wounds but returning 5.
At this point my opponent conceded having a drop pod a squad of 5 marines in his back field and 2 in combat with my grots knowing turn 5 wouldn't leave him much as I mopped up so officially an 8 all on the kill points but a broken opponent due to the dark kins come back
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PostSubject: Re: 1k vs blood angels   Sat Jan 07 2017, 20:34

Thanks for posting a BatRep!

Next time you post though, can you please open with the lists being played (both yours and an approximation of your opponents). Also, please use paragraphs to distinguish the various turns, so its easier on us readers.

Congratulations on your win, its not easy being DE in a KP mission.
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PostSubject: Re: 1k vs blood angels   Sat Jan 07 2017, 23:16

Yeah nicely done winning a DE Kill Points. Not an easy game, especially vs a low-numbers elite army.

Ballsy move splitting the Succubus to assault the 5-man squad and the Grots to assault the 7-man. Clever little decision Smile

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Serena succabus

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PostSubject: Re: 1k vs blood angels   Sat Jan 07 2017, 23:43

Thanks for the advice I will look to do that next time. The armies where
Dark eldar
Dark artisan, with a spirit probe
Succabus, glave, aom
3 grotesques, abberition, raider
5 scurge, 4 haywire blasters.
3 reavers, caltrops
5 warriors, venom
5 warriors, venom

Blood angels
Chaplin, jump pack
5 death company, jump packs.
5 tactical marines, plasma cannon
10 tactical, heavy flamer, Melta, combi Melta, drop pod
5 assault marines, 2 plasma gun, rhino
Baal predator , heavy bolter sponsors.
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PostSubject: Re: 1k vs blood angels   Sun Jan 08 2017, 09:53

Good game! Congratulations on your win!
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PostSubject: Re: 1k vs blood angels   

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1k vs blood angels
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