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 1500 Slave Games - CSM vs DE

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PostSubject: 1500 Slave Games - CSM vs DE   Thu Jan 05 2017, 18:45

The Coven of the Gilded Mirth once again embark on a Raid of Realspace, only to be met with the forces of the Emperors Children. Clearly the Coven have taken an interest in the Arch Enemy.

EC (1500)
Raptor Formation:
Chaos Lord, jumppack, killy CCW, +1T armywide Combat Drugs
(5) Raptors meltagun, meltabomb, Champion
(5) Warptalon, Champion
(9) Warptalon(?), Champion (Warlord goes here)

Another Formation:
Lucious the Eternal
2 (10) Noise Marines(?), ingores cover weapons
(9)Nouse Marines(?), stuff? , rhino (Lucious here)
Summery: His guys were all Fearless, and he had some 4+ FNP. The scary thing about his list was most squads had ignores cover, which would be a problem for our jink-happy army. Luckily this cost him ObSec

Coven of the Gilded Mirth (1500, 12 SP)
(1) Lhamean, Venom (SC, CS)
(2) Medusae, Raider (CS)
(3) Incubi, Venom (SC, CS)
2 (5) Warriors, Venom (SC, CS)
(5) Scourges, 4 HWB
Razorwing (SC)
2 Ravagers (3DL, CS)

Haemi, SH (Warlord)
2 (3) Grot, Raider (NS) (one holds the Warlord)

Pre Game: So before the game started I explained the new Tank Shock rule, and we agreed to play with it. Unfortunately we only got to 2 turns, so it never came into play.
This raid cost the Coven an additional 7 SP (3SP to re-hire losses from the previous raid, then 4SP more to further increase the ranks)

We rolled Cleanse and Control, with vanguard strike deployment. DE won deployment and made the EC go first. EC deployed 2 units of noise marines on an objective each in ruins, and put the Lucious Rhino in the middle in some cover. Everything else in DS reserve

The DE reserved the Warlord Grots, Razorwing and the Medusae Raider. Everything else was deployed in cover, with the Lhamean Venom holding one objective and a Warrior Venom holding a second. The scourges were across from his Rhino (the only thing they could really target).

Turn 1:
Turn one he moved the Rhino up and deployed smoke, everything else remained in position. One of his noise marine units shot at a warrior venom in ruins and its ignore cover weapon imobilized it. Second noise marine unit shot at the Lhamean venom and shook it with the same weapon. He was only able to grab 1 Point

A warrior venom moves onto a third objective, and the Lhamean jumps out of her venom securing the first objective. The venom proceeds to Boost up and secure a fourth objective (securing a Point). Shooting was able to knock off a few Noise Marines from one squad, and wreck the Lucious Rhino (First Blood). Was able to get 6 Points this turn with a lucky D3 roll

Turn 2
Both Warptalon units and his Raptor units DS onto the DE side of the board,  all landing within easy range of the DE transports. Lucious squad ran forwards and spread out. Shooting from the two stationary Nosie Marine Squads shook a Ravager and killed the Lhamean Venom. Lucious’ squad shot the Scourges and they ran off the board. His Warlord Warptalons charged and wrecked the Incubi Venom. The other Warptalons multi-charged the Lhamean and an adjacent Ravager, killing the Lhamean and the Ravager. The Raptor unit shot and charged the shaken Ravager but were unable to do any real damage. He ended his turn gaining 2 Points, for a total of 3

All reserves came in. Medusae DS next to his Warlord Raptors, razoring lining up to be able to shoot multpile Raptor units, and the Warlord Grots DS into his backfield next to one of the objectives/Noise Marine squads. One Warrior squad jump out of their Venom so the Venom can turbo and ObSec an enemy Objective. Shaken Ravager boosts onto another objective. Grots also disimbark, along with the Incubi getting ready to charge the small Warptalon squad.
In shooting the two Medusae, Razorwing and 10 Warriors were able to kill 4 in the Warlord Warptalon squad (they were T5 and had 5++). The imobilized Venom killed a few more Noise Marines. The Grot Raider killed a Warptalon from the squad they would charge.
The Incubi and the Grots charge the 4 man Warptalon squad. The Incubi kill 2 (2SP) before all dying to the lightning claws. The Grots take no damage and deal no damage.
DE end the turn with 3 Points, for a total of 9 Points.

Here the other guy called the game. The store was about to close, and he felt that he wouldent be able to get back from a 9-3 defficit without tabling me. Had the game gone on longer his jump pack units would have decimated my deployment zone, but I still had the mobility to reposition and take HIS deployment. The Grots would have acted as a distraction unit, trying to get his warlord to charge and stay in combat a few turns to buy everything else time.
I would have loved to see Lucious make it into combat, but the gods were just not with him.
All in all a fun game, but disapointing that it didnt go on further.

Total Slave Points:
Lucious Rhino – 2 SP (Shooting)
1 (5) Warptallons (2 total) – 2 SP (CC)
Surrendering Bonus – 7SP
Total - 11 SP

1 (3) Incubi
1 (5) Scourges
1 Ravager
2 Venoms
Total – 3 unit lost (3 SP for next game)

This Raid Profit:
-3 SP (Replace losses from last Raid)
-4 SP (Increase the army from 1k to 1.5k)
+11 SP earned
Total - 4 SP earned from this game

Accounting Time!
18 SP – Previous Raid Profit
4 SP – This Raid Profit
-10 SP - Initial Loan
Total - 12 SP – Total worth of the Coven of the Gilded Mirth

This seems like as good a time as ever to repay that 10 SP loan. With 12 SP in the bank the Coven of the Gilded Mirth should be able to replenish losses from this raid to do the final Raid this season.
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 Slave Games - CSM vs DE   Fri Jan 06 2017, 19:08

Any chance we could confine these posts to the slave games thread to reduce spam and make it easier to keep track of everyone's points?
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 Slave Games - CSM vs DE   Fri Jan 06 2017, 21:24

Ok, I was trying to reduce the clutter of the main thread, and just post links and a summery on the main post.

But if people prefer to have these large posts all in one thread, going forward that is how I will do it.
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 Slave Games - CSM vs DE   

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1500 Slave Games - CSM vs DE
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