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 LoveStruckLhamaean's Valentines Day plot

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PostSubject: LoveStruckLhamaean's Valentines Day plot   Thu Jan 05 2017, 06:47

Denizens of the Dark City, I, LoveStruckLhamaean, will be targeting you at random with a blade coated in... a love poison? Yes, what fun that might be, making enemies love each other for a day... what madness might ensue with the sudden change of attitudes? We shall see...

Please make sure you read the plan thoroughly!

***Key Dates***

Saturday, January 14th – deadline to enter
Monday, January 16th – targets names are assigned
Tuesday, February 6th – recommended date to have gift posted by
Friday, February 17th – gifts should be received by this date

Please obtain and provide (to myself) a tracking number for your package once you have mailed it.

Who can enter?

Having never organized anything like this before, if you haven't realized already, I’m taking a page from Archon Claus' book. The same conditions will apply to the V-Day plot as the Santa’s Secret Space Raid. All are welcome, with the following conditions:

- you must have a minimum of 50 posts as a member of TDC prior to the closing date for entry (no last-minute spamming)
- and have been an active member of TDC for at least 3 months prior to the closing date for entry

Why did Archon Claus make these requirements? "All are welcome. However, following several members failing to come through in previous years, which detracted from the experience to a significant degree for numerous others, there are some per-requisites, unfortunately."

Copying again from the Santa’s Secret Space Raid:

"There may be some wiggle room to get in, but I reserve the right to use my sole discretion in ruling people in or out of entering.  This may seem somewhat harsh, but we wish to avoid a repetition of past failures. And this is Commorragh after all, so if you are a relatively unknown quantity here and I have misgivings for any reason, then I may choose not to let you participate (after I first contact you).

WARNING – If you do not participate in a reasonable manner and time-frame, IE. you fail to respond or abuse the event just to try and get free stuff, you will be banned from future raids.  And just like in the Bad Traders Report in the Barter Port, your forum name will be publicly listed as being a Naughty Santa.

I am also looking to set up a Deep Space Raid Aide Committee recruit a few Haemonculi to sew hearts back together, in case a participant does not receive a gift for whatever reason. This is entirely voluntary, and open to any forum member (even if you are not participating in the Secret Santa exchange).  PM me if you are willing to help out, should the need arise."


Remember, this is a gift exchange. Its a fun event, not a competition.

All gifts should be Dark Eldar related, this is the Dark City after all. Models/terrain and the like from other armies, Games Workshop or not, are acceptable but must be themed/converted for Dark Eldar.

How do you get the attention of the LoveStruckLhamaean?

  1. Only move onto step 2 if you are SURE you really want to participate and WILL BE ABLE to meet the deadlines
  2. Send me an email at LoveStruckLhamaean@gmail before Saturday, January 14th. Late entries will not be accepted. Emails must contain the following to be considered a complete entry:

    • Your full, real, name and darkcity.net name
    • Your complete address, including the country
    • Your gift preferences, within reason (be mindful of their wallet), without being too specific (give some ideas as to what type of Archon/Succubus/Haemonculus you are, your play style, your painted/unpainted preference, etc.)

Please ensure that the information provided in the email is real, correct, and legible. I will be forwarding it to your target (more on that below).

What happens once LoveStruckLhamaean has you in her sights?

  1. After January 14th i will match targets who are in the same geographical regions (depending on participants, you might be required to ship across the webway)
  2. On Monday, January 16th i will reply to the email you sent your participation request from with your target and their real name, mailing address and gift preferences
  3. You will purchase a gift for your target
  4. You will mail the gift, hopefully by Tuesday, February 6th and reply back to me with the tracking number. Your target should receive their gift no later than Friday, February 17th. Life happens, and if for some reason you cannot meet this deadline let me know ASAP and i will tell your target that their gift has been delayed (you will still be held to your commitment of participation).

What about the gifts?

You can spend as much on your target as you wish, but the suggested value is $15-$20 USD (plus shipping) at a minimum. You are responsible to ensure that the person you are gifting does not feel cheated. You are encouraged to go beyond the minimum if possible, but only it is reasonable for you. When you sign up, you are committing to spending this small sum, so you should put some money aside when you send your participation email.

Make sure whatever you are planning for a gift is achievable within the time-frame and is within your capabilities. I single mini (not 1 Kabalite from a box set) is nice and simple gift.

Remember, it is not a competition. And, just like Secret Santa, the whole point of this event is that you are a SECRET 'admirer' to your target; so don't run your mouth about who your target is. You can talk about what you are doing, but don't say who it is for or even that it will be used as your gift.

What should i send with the gift?

  • Enough packing that it wont break during shipment
  • If you'd like, include your forum name (and real name if you want) to reveal yourself as the 'secret admirer' (just write it on some paper and toss it in)

What should i do when i receive my gift?

  • Let me know you have received it, so i can confirm with your 'admirer' that you received it successfully
  • If they didn't provide their name and you want to thank them i can pass along any messages
  • Post in this thread what you got (and possibly include pictures)! Your 'admirer' probably worked hard on the gift and it would be nice to show off their work, plus, we are all interested in seeing what each other got!

What should i do if i haven't received my gift?

  • Let me know, i will check the tracking number to see where it is and if its just held up in shipping
  • If your admirer ended up in a "life happens" situation, i will check in with them on what the status is
  • If i haven't received a tracking number from your admirer i will publicly shame them and request a Haemonculus attend to you immediately

Archon Claus' Last Words:
The success of this raid, and the viability of future raids like it, rest in your hands.

For some ideas on what makes a good gift and what doesn't see the Santa’s Secret Space Raid from 2015: http://www.thedarkcity.net/t13153-santa-s-secret-space-raid-2015-signups-closed
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PostSubject: Re: LoveStruckLhamaean's Valentines Day plot   Fri Jan 06 2017, 04:55

You made a point about people needing to be known and such to participate, but this is your first and only post here. Who are you?

I mean, you could give everyone random names and YOUR address for every gift, then be the Grinch who stole V-day for all we know. If everyone were to follow the rules, they wouldn't be able to tell. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: LoveStruckLhamaean's Valentines Day plot   Fri Jan 06 2017, 05:44

I have been a member of the forum for almost a year and a lurker for many more than that. I always thought that the Space Raid was really cool and wanted to participate, which is why I finally made an account. I was really bummed when it didn't happen this time around and it looks like many others were too, so I decided to set up a gift share for the next holiday.

If a mod wants to send me a PM I'll provide my forum name, so they can see who I am. I'll also send them the spreadsheet of everyone's names so they can see who got sent who's address. If they want the password to the gmail to make sure I've actually sent the emails as I said I did that's fine too.

I just wanted to keep this separate from my regular account, remain anonymous and whatnot.
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PostSubject: Re: LoveStruckLhamaean's Valentines Day plot   Fri Jan 06 2017, 19:00

I find that off-putting, myself. I'd rather know who is organizing an event like this than to deal with an anonymous person who claims to have been a member for X amount of time. These are the types of things that define your persona, that go on your resume of contributions to the site and community. Sort of like Thor and EvilSpaceElves' Splintermind, Mushkiller's reaver tactics, JimSolo's freakshow tactica, Skaredcast batreps, or the DuckOfDeath's tactics thread.

But if the mods are OK with it, and other people are interested, then great! I wish you good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: LoveStruckLhamaean's Valentines Day plot   Sat Jan 07 2017, 05:12

It is a great initiative and we are discussing it with LoveStruckLhamaean, and will update everyone afterwards.
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PostSubject: Re: LoveStruckLhamaean's Valentines Day plot   

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LoveStruckLhamaean's Valentines Day plot
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