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 Low Point List Building?

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PostSubject: Low Point List Building?   Sat Dec 31 2016, 00:00

I thought this was appropriate for the Tactics section as I'm not posting a particular list. Can move the discussion there if need be.

Two popular recommendations I see are Blasterborn in a Venom, and Archon with Blaster also in a venom.

Are these too expensive for what they do at a 500-750 point level?

There's no denying the Blasternborn + Venom combo is good. Real good. But it's 180 points (if memory serves). Is that too much for anything less than 1250 or so?

Would an Archon w/ Blaster in a Venom have enough oomph to be worth his points paycheck at a 750 level? That makes him 20% of the list at that point.

And since we're on the topic of low point level list building philosophy, how do you get an effective and efficient HQ choice? I could always just run a Lhamean around the backfield, but even then he's an easy Warlord kill for anyone who really wants to do it. Is footslogging a Blaster Archon too dangerous for the same reason?

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PostSubject: Re: Low Point List Building?   Sat Dec 31 2016, 00:49

take the lhamean in low points games, you can choose what model is your warlord if you dont have a character. remember the lhamean isnt a character

also if you are building a competitive list leave the blasterborn at home and take a kabalite warrior squad with the single blaster and then venom or raider. then max it out
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PostSubject: Re: Low Point List Building?   Sun Jan 01 2017, 11:15

Remember that if your warlord isnt a character you cannot roll warlord traits. Better have a Sybarite do the job. And get him some haywire nades while youre at it.

I guess maxing out the start collecting box formation (Purge coterie) would be great for this format too.

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PostSubject: Re: Low Point List Building?   

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Low Point List Building?
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