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 Crafting tables set in Commorragh

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PostSubject: Crafting tables set in Commorragh   Thu Dec 22 2016, 03:03

Hello everybody,

I am new to the "Dark City" forums and I'd like to share how exciting it is to have found this place through a google image search. Anyways I want to begin crafting tables that are set in Commorragh itself. While I'm sure this has been posted before, being new I wanted to kind of use this opportunity to break the lurking ice so to speak as well as see if anyone could help guide me into bringing the dark city to life on my home battlefield.

I'm open to creating anything using most methods, however I can't afford a CnC machine nor a 3D printer so I'm looking for guidance specifically geared towards crafting Dark Eldar structures and an environment that would reflect the dark city.

Thank you, I appreciate any help or ideas you all can offer!

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PostSubject: Re: Crafting tables set in Commorragh   Thu Dec 22 2016, 06:31

Hello and welcome!

Please observe the ancient customs of our city:
- Lock your workshop after hours. Use painful protection.
- Do not aspire too high lest you get stomped on by your fellow archons/succubi/haemis
- Do not aspire too low lest you will end up as Grotesque.
- For your own safety use only the lockers and restrooms of your cabal/coven/cult.
- Make at least as many living beings suffer as there are members of your group every day.
- Don't try to invent anything beyond poison/dissie/lance as it might make our armies too powerful
- Never put heavy armour on our vehicles
- Always look like we are the masters of surprise assaults, Raven Guard, Skyhammer and others are just crude efforts we dont even try to emulate.

On a crafting note:
I have a problem with DE structures. If you look at pictures, you see the jaggeddy spindly things which usually are not very elegant. I will therefore follow you to see what ideas you come up with. :-)
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PostSubject: Re: Crafting tables set in Commorragh   Thu Dec 22 2016, 08:57

I've seen some companies produce DE structures in laser-cut mdf. This is the cheapest way to buy terrain. Probably the cheapest way to build it too if you can get a good router or figure out a cheap way to get your stuff laser cut. Gonna require a lot of building. Maybe recruit some friends to help?

The Bone Flower
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PostSubject: Re: Crafting tables set in Commorragh   Thu Dec 22 2016, 12:28

DE structures are kinda weird. The Dark City is just a bunch of towers floating in a pocket dimension, each tower ranging from the size of a regular building to the size of a small moon.

Most DE structures I have seen by 3ed parties tend to follow the astetics of our Ravager sponsons (gentle curves, with spikes on the edges).

Give the things lots of spikes and eldar-ish curves. Then paint it black/green/red Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Crafting tables set in Commorragh   Sat Dec 24 2016, 21:14

Thank you very much for the welcome, and the replies! Very Happy

Laser cutting and 3D printing are kind of where I think I'm going to have to go, however I wanted to see if anyone had tried creating this type of scenery by hand. This appears to not be the case. So, I'm going to take a look at the few images of Commorragh that are floating around out there and try to create some concepts. Essentially I want a table that details the inside of a Kabal palace (of course not the whole thing, but where the fight takes place ;D). I also have plans for a River Khaides map, a space port, and a streetway. Another one that is in the works is a Wych cult arena, but I want to design some of the buildings first and essentially follow a Greek Colosseum model but with Dark Eldar structures.

At this point I'm between using an art program or a CAD design program to create the scenery. This is because CAD can actually offer me precise measurements on the actual dimensions of the finished product, but Art programs tend to be more flexible and may include these types of tools and I'm simply not aware of it. Any recommendations one way or the other?

Thanks again for the replies!
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PostSubject: Re: Crafting tables set in Commorragh   Sat Dec 24 2016, 22:12

Good lord this is going to be awesome Smile

Looking forward to what you come up with Wink

Check out may pan-Eldar projects Smile Exodites, Corsairs, Craftworld, True Kin, Croneworld (soon) and one Shadowseer!: http://www.thedarkcity.net/t14405-corsairs-exodites-craftworlders-and-hopefully-kabalites-soon
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Crafting tables set in Commorragh
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