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 Sisters of Silence

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PostSubject: Sisters of Silence   Tue Dec 20 2016, 09:36

So has anybody converted SoS to DE yet? First time I saw the models I thought they look like DE. They have very similar armour (a little heavier than normal, perhaps resembling Ghostplate), the masks have a sort of hawkish look reminiscent of Scourge, their heads look like Wyches without the pointy ears and they're female which is great for working alongside the DE mini's.

They'd make decent alternate Scourge I think. I have some coming tomorrow that I want to work with. My plan is to use the feathered Scourge wings on them. Probably removing the cloaks and maybe altering the armoured shoulder pads (I can't tell whether they're too imperial from google images). In my DE list I want to run both Scourge and Swooping Hawks so I'm thinking of making the SoS Swooping Hawks (with the feather wings) and maybe throwing the actual Sourge heads on them (they're more hawk-like). I can use the SoS heads for my actual Scourge or use Hellion heads, which was my original plan (or both).

The SoS would likely make good Archon models too. They'd stand out from other DE mini's and they wouldn't need too much work on them to spike them up a bit. A great alternative for those wanting female Archons.

Anyone else worked with them yet?

The Bone Flower
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PostSubject: Re: Sisters of Silence   Tue Dec 20 2016, 12:16

I haven't personally tried anything with them yet, but I did think that they looked very Dark Eldar to me Smile with the zweihanders and some spikes/horns added they'd make passable Incubi as well Smile I'd agree that they're a good basis for a female Archon conversion as well...

Make sure you post up your Scourge Sisters Smile would be interested to see how they turn out

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Sisters of Silence
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