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 Painting Yellow on splinter weaponry barrells

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PostSubject: Painting Yellow on splinter weaponry barrells   Sat Dec 17 2016, 22:27

Looking for advice on what technique/paints I could use to paint the Splinter weaponry barrells yellow. Not wanting bright, but something toned down/dull/muted look (not sure if that's the right term lol).

Initially thinking of painting white then hitting it with yellow wash....but not sure how that will turn out...and im trying to prevent buying loads of paint tubs just to trial this idea.

One thing that did work for me was using Vallejo Model Colour transparent Green over a roughly drybrushed Talos vial of Rakarth Flesh.....so may try the same but with Yellow.....but not sure if there is a better option

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PostSubject: Re: Painting Yellow on splinter weaponry barrells   Wed Dec 21 2016, 11:54

I wouldn't go yellow wash over white if you're looking for a muted yellow, you probably want the basecoat to be a rakarth or zandri dust, ya.

This guy did his yellow wash over a bone colour and it works pretty well.

The other option if you wanted a muted yellow would be to start with a brownish yellow as the base, I would try xv88 + averland unset 50%/50% as the base.
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Painting Yellow on splinter weaponry barrells
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