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 1500 pts Harlequins vs CSM

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: 1500 pts Harlequins vs CSM   Tue Dec 06 2016, 02:00

I got a game in with my new Harliequins this evening.  It was a friendly game at the local club so don't read too much into this one!

My army was a revenge formation, somewhat bloated with excess haywire grenades and the starmist raiment for a troupe master.  I rolled a seer as the warlord and he gained a 4++ as his trait.

Each of the 3 troupes was identical with 8 models total:
The troupe master and a player sported a caress
4x players had kisses
2x were stock with swords.

The skyweavers had haywire cannons
The voidweaver has the prismatic cannon

My opponent had a CSM list using the obsec formation where you can roll twice on the boon table.
He had 2x squads of CSM in rhinos,
A havok squad with 4x autocannons in a rhino,
A lord on a bike with the horrible black mace thing
He rode with a sorcerer on a bike plus 3x bikers
2x spawn
3x Termies

Another lord with a jump pack with 5x raptors sporting a melta and flamer
Another 5x raptors with melta/flamer
5x warp talons with lightning claws

These guys were in the formation where you can deepstrike and charge - nasty!

The mission was malestrom of war with dawn of war deployment.  You drew 3x objectives per turn but the twist was that either player could score "secure objective X" cards and these cards couldn't be discarded.

I rolled on phantasmancy intending to use veil of tears to control the board and deny his autocannons shooting since this unit could really mess me up.

All the seers were L2 and had veil of tears as their primaris power.
I rolled powers 2/4 on the warlord shadowseer and one of the others.
Power 2 was a 9 inch 2d6 St4 nova, it didn't really come in that useful.
Power 4 was fog of dreams - which is really good - a malediction reducing the target unit to only snap shooting and hitting on 6s in CC.  Basically they treat all your units as being invisible!

The final seer got powers 1 and 6.
Power 1 gave the unit stealth and shrouded, which is okay but veil is better,
Power 6 is the very enjoyable "mirror of minds" where you roll off and add your LD. A score that draws or a wins for the seer means the target takes a wound with no saves allowed, then you repeat.  A loss for the seer means the power ends.  Fun fun.

This is the board setup.  Objective numbers are marked in red.  I was intending to control the mid to left of the board and left the solitaire out of line of sight in the building with the chequerboard roof on the centre-right of my deployment zone.  My opponent had put the havoks on an elevated position by objective 6 so could dominate most of the board.  I deployed the spectre's unit in trees to deny shooting with stealth/shrouded and put the rest of my troops out of LOS of them...

... Except he actually could see some of my troupe on the far left, I got lucky and only lost 2.  There was a really good chance to lose half the squad to that mistake - it was a painful lesson learned.  He pushed the rest of his army forward and scored objective 4.  He also drew objective 5 which he was unable to grab.

On my turn I moved to score objectives and tried to advance up the table under the cover of veil.

Sadly I had a complete blowout in the psychic phase.  Out of 10 dice I scored 1 success which was denied.  Fortunately run moves got the units back behind LoS blocking cover.

I pushed my jetbikes around and did light damage to a rhino.  The solitaire was able to grab objective 5 and I scored 3 with my troupe.

Next turn my opponent rolled to get his lord with raptors in and they nailed their landing, hitting just to the right of my ball-o-guys in the middle of the board.
Warp talons scattered 8 but skirted the bikes also landing in a perfect position


The flamer was pretty nasty but stealth/shrouded did a lot to mitigate damage from the melta and pistols.  The re-roll to failed invuln saves of 1 with the revenge formation was also paying off big here with the jetbikes using mirage launchers and taking minimal damage from flamers and then holo-suits limiting damage again on the charge.  They still lost combat but one unit fell back and the surviving bike from the other unit hit and ran away.  Sadly the spectre and seer in the troupe both went down giving him first blood but the troupe master did a wound and took no damage vs the lord's power fist and about 5 models remained to hit and run away.

Meanwhile the lord had advanced with the spawn giving me the ability to charge in and (I assumed) shut down his psychic powers + kill his warlord.

This was the state of play going into my turn 2:

I drew secure objective 4, my opponent had drawn to secure 3, I also had to hold the line and assassinate his characters.  I swung my solitaire over to help mop up the raptors and lord and sent the warlord's troupe across to kill the warp talons.

I banked on these 3 characters (2x sgts and the jump lord) as "sure kills" so was confident of d3 VPs.  The last squad I figured was a coin flip but didn't pay attention to his black mace.

I put the power 4 malus onto the raptors, with hindsight it would have been better to put it on the havoks at this point.   I got a perils trying to mirror mind the bikes but I rolled a 6 making the seer really tough with a 3++ until my next turn.

The solitaire and surviving troupe were able to massacre the raptors and lord, likewise with the warlord's troupe vs the warp talons.

The combat vs the bikes was much more even, I did major damage to his unit but the mace took out about half the squad despite the demon weapon causing a wound to the lord!

I had lost combat by 1 and sadly I failed my LD9 test and fell back which really sucked.  One of my surviving bikes was still able to turboboost across to grab objective 4 though and I did get D3 VPs for the assasinate objective but I only rolled a 1.  Mopping up around objective 3 and a roll-off for range determined that I was actually able to score 3 too - I felt fortune was starting to go in my direction.

(more punch required)

Here's how the board looked:

My opponent didn't do so well in this turn.  He advanced and shot a lot but didn't do a lot of damage. The exception was the havoks who blasted 4 of the warlord's unit out of existence.

He did pick up some more objectives though, things were really tight, both players on around 6 a piece.

He tried to knock out my voidweaver with mind-bullets but failed.  He then charged my seer's unit for near complete mutual destruction, the sorcerer and surviving biker going down and the lord dropping himself to 1 wound with the stupid mace.  The seer was the sole survivor, passed his toughness test from the mace and hit and ran away.

On my turn I mind-mirrored the lord out of existence and finally wised up - putting the snap-shot malus on the havoks.  I then jumped his terminators who had strayed far too close to the surviving troupe and solitaire.  I also charged his spawn with the seer which was maybe a bit ambitious.  I figured fleshbane would allow me to at least kill one of the spawn but the seer only did 2 wounds and he was killed for his efforts.  A really dumb move with hindsight, I was far too overconfident and left the voidweaver exposed for no reason.

I drew the card that gave me d3 VPs if my warlord survived and his was dead at the end of the game, which seemed easy at this point since his warlord was dead and the only thing that could touch mine was snap-shooting havoks.

On his turn 4 the final raptors dropped in, scattering fairly wide into ruins but for no losses.  He disembarked his CSMs ready to hose down my troupe but decided to go after the bikes with some of his shots leaving 3x players alive.

The havoks then shrugged off the effects of my psychic games to score 3x snap-hits on the warlord's unit.  As  the only visible model I had to LoS the wounds onto the rest of the troupe and troupe master who, despite a 3++ with a reroll on 1s, died... damn - should have used veil after all!


Adding insult to injury the spawn ate the voidweaver and the raptors made a hero charge, going 11 inches to assault the warlord.  They failed their fear test on a 9 but sub-par rolling left too many standing and the warlord was slain.

It was now very close on objectives, things were swinging in my opponent's favour:

Sadly time ran out and the club was closing so we had to make turn 4 the last.  I just went through the motions, killing the raptors to deny linebreaker and scoring objective 1.  Stupidly I had 1 bike left to also gain linebreaker vs my opponent, but didn't think to make the move.   This kind of cost me the game.  We were even on objectives and both had killed the opponent's warlord but he had first blood thanks to the raptor's alpha strike and won by that one point.  Linebreaker would have tied it up.

(stupid bike - what are you doing over here?!)

To analyse the game and think of what went right and wrong -
The major swing was when I lost my warlord (giving him a VP and losing me D3).  The plays that led up to the loss were actually really dumb.  Sending him over to kill the warp talons was pointless, they weren't a major threat and I should have focussed on killing his bikes.  It's true that I needed to kill three characters but I had a good chance of getting 2x vs the raptors and there were 2x more with the bikes.
It was a major brick unit that I completely under-estimated.  Taking out his psyker and warlord would have given me complete control of that flank, controlling 2x objectives and threatening 2x more.  Instead I spread too thinly and haemoraged units.  Even the successes on that flank such as wiping out his terminators were pointless victories that did very little to advance my game plan.

I also should have been using fog of dreams (psychic power 4) on the havoks from the start of the game.  It would have negated the only long ranged threat in his army and I had plenty of dice to throw at it.

The solitaire was a superstar.  He took no damage at all during the game and murdered everything he touched.  That model is so is great vs small, elite units, especially in the revenge formation where he can re-roll failed saves of a 1.  A single model that has so much threat is very useful in an objective game since he can be hidden and makes the enemy think twice about rushing units forwards.

I think I'll stick with this build for a while and learn its ins and outs.  I made some major mistakes and I think I could have won if I didn't make them.  That's a good place to be when learning an army.
I do feel more psykers are a good idea, probably a must-take but I like the revenge formation's bonuses and it's pretty much the models I have now so that's a major plus!

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 pts Harlequins vs CSM   Tue Dec 06 2016, 19:20

Thank you for taking the time to write this up. It seems like most BatReps these days are 1.5 hour long youtube affairs. You even added in arrows for added clarity, so double thanks Wink

That was a fairly close game TBH, and you did a great job narating it so we could see the ebb and flow of the battle.

One question, why didnt you blitz your solitare up later in the game? It didnt seem like he did much compared to the bikes/troupes
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 pts Harlequins vs CSM   Tue Dec 06 2016, 20:50

Hear hear for the written batrep Smile means I can read it at 'work' too Wink

Good to see your Harlies in action, and a good close game that was only lost through a couple of things you can easily fix next time Wink

Nicely done with a tricky army to master Smile

Check out may pan-Eldar projects Smile Exodites, Corsairs, Craftworld, True Kin, Croneworld (soon) and one Shadowseer!: http://www.thedarkcity.net/t14405-corsairs-exodites-craftworlders-and-hopefully-kabalites-soon
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 pts Harlequins vs CSM   Wed Dec 07 2016, 03:32

Thanks guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I used the blitz on the solitaire on turn 4.  I threw everything at that linebreaking raptor unit, there were 4 players, the blitzing solitaire and even that bike.  I think I rolled 3 sixes for his caress, he may have even killed the unit solo.

I had been holding the ability back to use late game in case I wanted to re-deploy him but in hindsight I probably should have blitzed into the lord and his raptors on turn 2.  He could have taken that unit out solo, even if it turn two turns.  That would have let me attack the bikes with the two troupes and still had the depleted third to kill off the warp talons.  I think there were 3 kisses and 2 caresses including the troupe master left so they should have killed the talons or even reduced the unit to a single model to avoid the havok's fire later!

Holidays are nearly here so I'm sure I can get some more games in soon - hopefully with more paint on the harlies too!
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 pts Harlequins vs CSM   Wed Dec 07 2016, 12:21

Well glad to see that you are learning this tricky army. Please do more games and write them up in this fashion!
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 pts Harlequins vs CSM   Thu Dec 15 2016, 14:05

Thanks for this! Also, amazing checker job on those bikes!
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 pts Harlequins vs CSM   

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1500 pts Harlequins vs CSM
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