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 Torment Launcher Spam

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PostSubject: Torment Launcher Spam   Tue Dec 06 2016, 01:23

Has anybody tried it? I played a really rough game against Tau the other day where my opponent fielded a Riptide Wing, which blew up quite a few Venoms over the course of the game and even won combat and routed close to a dozen Reavers. Pulled ahead in the end because of the resiliency of the Dark Artisan, but otherwise I was very close to getting tabled.

The thought struck me that for a small point increase, you could run a Raider with Torment Launchers instead of a dual-cannon Venom. Against most heavy infantry a Disintegrator does just as well as two splinter cannons (though it does fall short against hordes or anything with a high invulnerable save, of course) - you'd want either a Raider or Ravager with Disintegrators so that you don't have the mismatched Torment Launcher/Dark Lance combo, or Tantalus for its 5pt Launchers. Reaper gets them for 5pts as well, but its lack of an AP2 weapon doesn't make it seem like the ideal platform to me.

Combine with all the standard Freakshow tricks like Armor of Misery/Mask of Secrets/Coven formations, and by packing your troops into Raiders instead of Venoms you could probably force a morale test on just about every single enemy unit each turn, some with penalties. Granted it doesn't work against Fearless/ATSKNF, but my local meta seems to be really shifting away from those two rules - even the Marine players are all over the 30k ruleset lately.
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PostSubject: Re: Torment Launcher Spam   Tue Dec 06 2016, 19:26

The only issue with it is ATSKNF. If I were to run it, 2/3 games it would be completely useless (due to the amount of SM around here). But if you dont have that problem, than the 10 (?) pt price tag may be worth it, even if you only get to use it 3/4 games.

I am currently trying out the 5pt chain snares, and am quite happy with them (even though I have not used them in the last 2 games). Its always nice to have options.
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PostSubject: Re: Torment Launcher Spam   Tue Dec 06 2016, 19:42

T4y it out and see. Everybody plays in different metas so the advise you get may not be relevant to you and your goals. If you think it's worth a shot, go for it!

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PostSubject: Re: Torment Launcher Spam   Wed Dec 07 2016, 08:19

Unless you play tournaments, there is nothing stopping you from bringing one list tailored for TAU and one list tailored against SM. The BRB actually says that is how you are intended to play. The notion that you have to bring the same TAC list to all games is just stale dogma and can be discarded by such daring rebels as ourselves. Cool
I think the torment weapons needs to be massed and/or coupled with something that synergize with it for it to be effective. The few times I have used them it was on a raider or two with no LD debuffs. They killed a guardian or two pr round. Nothing special, but not a waste of points.
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PostSubject: Re: Torment Launcher Spam   

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Torment Launcher Spam
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