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 How would you class Renegades and Heretics?

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PostSubject: How would you class Renegades and Heretics?   Thu Nov 10 2016, 10:02

I'm once again working on a rules pack for a tournament next year, and based on the desires of my club we're looking at who are generally the obvious army lists, and the fabled "top" and "bottom" tier armies. (In order to promote variety, we're offering bonuses to the bottom tier armies.)

So, the question is, where in this would you put Heretics And Renegades? (Formally The Lost And The Damned.)
As it stands we reasoned Astra Militarum into the middle tier, neither top nor bottom of the barrel, so they get a little bonus but not as much as the lower guys. I reasoned Heretics and Renegades would be the same, and they are more or less just like the AM.
Would you agree, or do you think they deserve to be top of low tier?
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PostSubject: Re: How would you class Renegades and Heretics?   Thu Nov 10 2016, 19:38

As I recall their main formation (that is used anyway) involves destroyed units returning to your board edge on a 2+, with all the bought upgrades.

That is all I know. Are they not a Forgeworld army?
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PostSubject: Re: How would you class Renegades and Heretics?   Wed Nov 16 2016, 01:53

They are stronger than AdMech but more specialised.  They can take artillery and bodies dirt cheap.  They are the ultimate infantry gunline army.  I took my IG as renegades and spammed crazy cheap quad cannons and rapier laser destroyers at a doubles tournament.  I was even using the thudd guns as ST4 by mistake and the list was still very powerful!

They can also spam so many bodies that the enemy just doesn't have enough firepower to chew through them all. I had around 150 bodies in a 1000 point list including 50 fearless zombies. The list has crazy good anti-meta gameplay.
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PostSubject: Re: How would you class Renegades and Heretics?   Wed Dec 28 2016, 05:28

A Vrak's Unending Host list is the 40k equivalent of an English degree. It's functionality is entirely derived from the wielder and their capacity for doing things. Some people run them with Chaos Knights, some with artillery spam, others with CSM or Daemons allies. My friend chooses to run his with a Baneblade because he's crazy like a fox.

Their key advantage is being able to return a squad of destroyed mans to the game through outflank on a 2+ roll. IIRC they go into reserves, but they might just walk on. Either way, this is the unending part of the Unending Host, and this means it's usually tactically advantageous to have entire squads killed early in the game. This also makes Tau players cry rivers, and I support anything that makes Tau players cry.

Cover Through the Bodies is an important bonus too. Anything getting a cover save from a unit of Renegades from the formation gets a 3+ instead of a 5+. Artillery no longer need to hide behind a Aegis line and this applies to vehicles as well.

The Baneblade becomes instrumental with these 2 rules in effect because the Renegades variant confers a 12" bubble of Zealot. This allows half the army to become a real threat in close combat and tarpit the hell out of anything they encounter. Also the Baneblade gets a constant 3+ cover save from all those foot soldiers.

The downside of course is a lack of obsec and mobility. Some artillery can lend heavy firepower and Chaos Spawn can provide the mobility, but it's all down to taste. There's a hundred different ways to run the list, and it's by no means a sure fire way to win, but if you're tactical it's a nasty surprise and very counter-meta currently.

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PostSubject: Re: How would you class Renegades and Heretics?   

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How would you class Renegades and Heretics?
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