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 Multiple combats

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PostSubject: Multiple combats   Wed Nov 09 2016, 17:37

I found myself in a combat with 3 of my units against 6 other units. As i understood it the combat over all you count the woundpool but wounds can not be allocated to other units that you did not attack with the unit you used to make the wounds, but you still count everything for a over all moral score say my 3 units made 24 wound, and he made 2 i win the whole combat with 22. but how would the pile in work? got into a bit of a problem there, as i have 5 man units i would need to break choison. And do the controling player chose what unit he piles in torwars?

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PostSubject: Re: Multiple combats   Wed Nov 09 2016, 19:47

Hmm, good question. I would love to hear about this, since I was schooled on how Multi-assaults work.
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PostSubject: Re: Multiple combats   Wed Nov 09 2016, 23:30

The rules for multiple assaults don't specify any changes to Pile In moves so they work as normal:

A Pile In move is a 3" move that is performed in the following order:
• First, any models Pile In if this will bring them into base contact with an enemy locked in this combat (ie, has one or more models in base contact with an enemy model)
• Second, any models Pile In if this will bring them to within 2" horizontally or 6" vertically of a friendly model that is in base contact with an enemy locked in this combat.
• Any remaining models that are not in base contact with one or more enemy models and have yet to Pile In must now do so, and must attempt to get as close as possible to one or more of the enemy units locked in this combat.

Pile in moves are always done by the controlling player and as long as he obeys the above rules he can do anything he wants with them.


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PostSubject: Re: Multiple combats   Thu Nov 10 2016, 09:28

SO at each Initative step you make Pile In moves as normal, the player who controls the models deciding where they pile in.
Each MODEL then directs its attacks against an enemy unit it is in base-to-base contact with. A unit can consist of models who end up fighting different units.

In terms of coherency, I direct you to the rules for coherency, found in the Movement Phase section of the rulebook.

".....So, once a unit has finished moving, the models in it must form an imaginary chain where the distance between one model and the next is no more than 2" horizontally and up to 6" vertically. We call this 'unit coherency'."

So unit coherency is only applied in the MOVEMENT PHASE after moving.
THis is back up in the following paragraph, starting:

"During the course of a game, a un it can get broken up and lose unit coherency, usually because it has taken casualties from incoming fire. If this happens, in their next Movement Phase, the models in the unit must be moved in such a way that they restore unit coherency. etc

So losing coherency in the Assault Phase is FINE.
As a result, individual models from the same unit can Pile In towards different target units.


Whilst on the subject though, can I add a question for the group?

If we have a combat of four units - Enemy 1, Enemy 2, Friendly 1, and Friendly 2.
E1 is in combat with F1.
F1 is in combat with E1 and E2.
E2 is in combat with F1 and F2.
F2 is in combat with E2.

So if each sentence is a unit, it looks like this:

Enemy 1
Friendly 1
Enemy 2
Friendly 2

So the question.

If Enemy 2 is destroyed, resulting in:

Enemy 1
Friendly 1

Friendly 2

Is Friendly 2 still involved in the combat seeing as Friendly 1 linked the whole thing? Do they pile in to Enemy 1?
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PostSubject: Re: Multiple combats   Thu Nov 10 2016, 10:48

I believe they would get a pile in move if they can reach enemy 1, but if they cannot would no longer be locked in combat and would consolidate instead.

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PostSubject: Re: Multiple combats   Thu Dec 01 2016, 06:28

Friendly 2 must pile in and RAW says to "bring them into base contact". If it can't make base contact then it can consolidate away

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PostSubject: Re: Multiple combats   

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Multiple combats
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