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 Eldar + Deldar City fight list 1500 pts for semifriendly

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PostSubject: Eldar + Deldar City fight list 1500 pts for semifriendly    Sun Nov 06 2016, 19:50

I Salute you all fellow Archons,

I am starting up a Dark Eldar army after focusing on Eldars. I am trying to find good ways to tryout and develop my Archon skills. We are gaving a small game day with local gaming group. I was planning on taking a friendlish Eldar + Deldar allies, fitting all into 1500 points is bit challenging. Also my units from Dark Eldar codex are bit limited to 2 raiders, 2 venoms, lot of kabalite warriors, Wyches, 6 reavers, 2 units of Scourges, 10 wracks.

The game is modified city fight (mission is chosen from the City fight book) The rules are 7th modified, so that the infantry and monstrous creatures are not seen within ruins if they are 6"+ inside from the looker or behind a ruin. Vehicles follow true line of sight rules expect when trying to target infantry.

My biggest challenges I can think of are following lists that I am kinda expecting:
1) IG with Dominus or Malcardo Infernus and probably 6-9 wyverns, +2 Master of fleets
2) Ultramarines with demi company + scout company, gravs and flamers fit everywhere. 4-5 Rhinos + 2 Landspeeders filled with flamer scouts
3) SW with Wulfen and TWC core, Some grey hunters Drop poding
4) Imperial fists with sky hammer, grav + centurions

My goal is not to use: WK, Warp Hunter or Hornets, to big amount warp spiders.

My initial plan was to try to use somekind of null depo element against IG, and beta strike, Ultramarines, and Imperial fists would be glorious to beat them in Close Combat. SW is bit harder nut to crack as in tightly packed City fights I do not enjoy of good shooting ranges as normally available and CC is more or less suicide.

I was playing around with following list:
Eldar CAD
Autarch + Jetbike + Shard of Anaris + Banshee mask 130pts (Joins Scourges)
Farseer + Jetbike + Singing spear 120pts (Joins Scourges)

Wraithguard (Dscythe) 210pts (joins Archon with WWP)

2x 3Windriders with Scatter lasers (162pts)

Aspect Host +1WS)
3 Squads of Howling banshees 4 + Exarch with Executioner (255pts)

DEldar Realspace raiders (Cover bonuses)
Archon with WWP + Blaster (110pts) Joins Wraithguard or if necessary Reavers RESERVE
2x Kabalite warriors with Venom with double Splinter Cannons (210pts)
Fast Attacks
Reavers, including Arena Champion with Agonizer (51pts), 3 normal reavers, 2 reavers with Cluster Caldrops and Blasters (181pts)
Scourges with 4x HWBlaster (120pts)

Total 1498 points

Depending on the game either try luck on Strategic ( Conqueror of Cities) or Deldar codex for Labyrinthe Cunning

So, Core is CC with following elements:
1) Howling banshees take heat / deny overwatch
2) Reavers with Farseer and Autarch also denies overwatch on charges. With Autarch ID sword on Challenges or Arena Champion with Agonizer depending on fight can kill enemy char before he hits back or deny hitting altogether. Farseer gives Prescience and if extremely lucky either Shrouded or Invis to the unit. 2x s6 d6 rending how attacks should break normal units or vehicles. Reavers + Autarch and Farseer create a mini Deathstar with 3+ Jink, skilled rider (handy for city fights), great mobility through jetbike moves and fleet charges, hit and run. Might be too killy?
3) Antitank: Scourges and to limited scope Reavers with Blasters and Singing Spear, Scatter laser Windrider bikes
4) Anti-infantry: Venoms and Kabalite warrios
5) Extreme threath removal tool: Archon + Wraithguard, This units sole purpose is to drop without scatter and remove unit or two units if lucky with 4 templates, against big vehicles even 5 is possibility

A) Low amount of Antitank
B) Low staying power, hit hard or die next turn
C) Low amount of Warp dice (enemy can deny critical spells)
D) Low redundancy
E) Null depo element is almost nonexistent

The tools that are available to play around:
- Scalper Squadron
- Wraith lords
- Wyches and Raiders
- Most aspect warrios and guardians available
- Plenty of Eldar vehicles of any kind

I appreciate all comments and feedback on the list and how to make it better.

Thanks in Advance.

With Best Regards,
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PostSubject: Re: Eldar + Deldar City fight list 1500 pts for semifriendly    Sun Nov 06 2016, 21:54

You got a large amount of Craftworld Eldar so you'll be fine...
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Eldar + Deldar City fight list 1500 pts for semifriendly    Sun Nov 06 2016, 22:17

Web waying D scythes sounds like the opposite of friendly
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PostSubject: Re: Eldar + Deldar City fight list 1500 pts for semifriendly    

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Eldar + Deldar City fight list 1500 pts for semifriendly
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