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 Fast skimmer move shoot charge

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PostSubject: Fast skimmer move shoot charge   Sat Oct 29 2016, 21:06

Hello again all,

first I realise this will have been covered previously, and asked many times, however due to my dyslexia I am struggling quite catagorically with this rule.

So I read the movement combined with shooting rules as;

Stationary fire all

Combat speed up to 6" one weapon normal BS and snap shots other weapons

Cruising speed more than 6" up to 12' snap shop only

Fast vehicle movement

Stationary fire all

Combat speed up to 6' fire all at BS

Cruising speed more than 6' up to 12' fire 2x weapon at normal BS and 1 snap shot

so after moving as above, instead of firing we can make a flat out move

normal vehicle 6"

fast vehicle 12'

fast skimmer 18'

So a normal vehicle can move up to 12' then move 6' ?
Move 6' fire one and snapshot
DE I'm going to call them boats, can move 12' then up to 18' ?
Move 12' fire 2 and snapshot

troops can only fire if the vehicle moved at combat speed 6" or snap shot at cruising speed 12'
why cant they shoot at 12' due to fast or skimmer???

Can a DE boat move 6' disembark 6' and charge, Id like it to move 12' and 6' and charge but I think i'm wrong

please confirm this ?

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PostSubject: Re: Fast skimmer move shoot charge   Sat Oct 29 2016, 23:03

You're 99% right. The only things I can see wrong with what you've written above are that you aren't limited to snap-firing one weapon if you have fired all your permitted weapons at full BS. You can snapfire any remaining weapons you have.

You are correct that even fast vehicles can only move 6" if the passengers want to disembark.


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PostSubject: Re: Fast skimmer move shoot charge   Sat Oct 29 2016, 23:06

That looks almost all correct.

The only thing that didn't look quite right was for the fast skimmer at Cruising Speed you can fire two weapons at full BS and all others as Snap Shots (not just one weapon).

You are right about only being able to move 6" for passengers to fire or to disembark. As for the why - that's what the rules say! I guess our sleek fast anti-gravity vehicles are just as unstable moving at high speed as a tracked or wheeled vehicle, so the effect on passengers is the same Rolling Eyes

Even without dyslexia, this rule is tricky to follow, and I had to read through it several times to get all of the details straight.

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PostSubject: Re: Fast skimmer move shoot charge   

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Fast skimmer move shoot charge
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