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 2 Kill Team games against GSC.

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PostSubject: 2 Kill Team games against GSC.   Mon Oct 17 2016, 16:08

My friend was planning on playing in a kill team tournament this past Sunday and wanted to get some practice in.

My list: 20 Warriors, 2 blasters, one with eagle-eye, the other with preferred enemy, and a reg warrior that always wounds on 2+

His list: 16 models mixed between the hybrids and Neophytes I think, plus one of their transports.

First mission was straight up control the 3 objectives at the end of the game.

Turn 1: GSC moves up, flat out with the truck, and prepares for a T2 assault.
Bootom: I move most of my warriors in a tiered fashion, some in cover and the rest behind the initial wall of warriors to prevent a massive combat blob. (Hoping he would kill whatever he assaulted so I could rapid fire on them during my turn.) First eagle eye shot at the transport explodes it. all the guys pile out, and I gunned 90% down.

Turn 2: Break tests kill a couple models, he assaults and kills a couple warriors.
Bottom: I finish off what GSC is left in LOS.

Turn 3: Break test tabled.

Thoughts: APING YOUR OPPONENT IS AWESOME! GSC will die very quickly to tons of poison. MSU seems to be the answer again.

Game two: Three objectives with Outflank and Night Fight rules

Turn 1: GSC has maybe 6 models on the field, the truck outflanks
Bottom of 2: My force is split in half, left vs right. Move up slowly and gain control of objective 1, kill 3/6 models on the table.

Turn 2: Truck comes into play, shoots up 3 warriors, one survives by going to ground (HAHA)
Bottom of 2: Move the non truck side flank up higher, remove the model on that half of the field. At this point I control 75% of the field.

Turn 3: Truck unloads, and assaults several warriors. All but one warrior dies, the lone one won combat (YES!)
Bottom: I respond by melting more faces, while the rest of my unit moves onto the other sides deployment for the extra VP.

Turn 4-5 pretty much same deal, game ended on 5 with a DE victory of 4-1.

Thoughts: GSC has initiative 4, and a garbage save, so even if they ride up on you, you might take one down before you get annihilated.

He ended up going undefeated at the tournament playing that list against Grey Knights, Dark Eldar Wyches, and Necrons.
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PostSubject: Re: 2 Kill Team games against GSC.   Sun Oct 23 2016, 09:22

GSC seem to be (so far) strong against eldar and tau. Armies DE tend to struggle with.  While DE do seem to have the tools needed to effectively counter GSC.

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PostSubject: Re: 2 Kill Team games against GSC.   Thu Dec 08 2016, 17:53

Following Painjunky's logic, the competitive scene seems to be very much rock, paper, scissors. So if Tau and Eldar are rock, and we are scissors, then the introduction of paper can only be good for us.

Do you think GSC will reduce number of tau and eldar players or only dethrone them?

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PostSubject: Re: 2 Kill Team games against GSC.   

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2 Kill Team games against GSC.
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