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 1500pt DE/EC/CE Mash Up

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PostSubject: 1500pt DE/EC/CE Mash Up   Fri Sep 30 2016, 20:27

Hey there folks.  I've been developing a new themed army and wanted to take a crack at mixing up multiple Eldar Codexes.  How competitive is this lineup?

--Corsair Raiding Company--

Prince:  Drugs, Bike, Shadowfield and Voidsaber

Baron: Jetpack, Shadowfield, Pistols

2x5 Reavers: Jetpack, Pistols, Flamer x2, Drugs

--Dark Eldar Allied Detachment--

Lhamaea: Venom

2x10 Kabalites: Raider (Dark Lance)

6 Reavers: 2x Cluster Caltrop

Razorwing: Dark Lance, Splinter Cannon

--Eldar Allied Detachment--

Autarch: Banshee, Jetbike

5 Rangers:

2X5 Wraithblades: Axe and Shield

Comes in 29pts short of 1500.  The Autarch and Prince go with the Reaver jetbikes obviously, while the raiders claim objectives and Wraithblades march the field to support.  Baron and jetpack Reavers drop in to support the Kabalites or claim other objectives.  

I know I'm terribly under prepared for vehicles, but how much have I tied my hands behind my back with the current setup?  The Reaver jetbike deathstar can take on vehicles with rear armor 12 and under, with Raiders taking pot shots and the Wraithblades marching into CC with D weapons.  


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PostSubject: Re: 1500pt DE/EC/CE Mash Up   Fri Sep 30 2016, 21:21

I've been putting together a pan-Eldar (minus Harlies) list recently too, although haven't got the fluff quite worked out yet.

If you think you're a little low on anti-tank you could swap the flamers on the Reaver units for Fusion Guns and put them in a Sky Burners Cotorie to drop them accurately next to any vehicles that are bothering you. That should leave you with 19pts left over if I remember the points right, which is plenty to give your Autarch a Fusion Gun as well...

If you do that, you could get away with swapping the Dark Lances on the Raiders to Disintegrator Cannons giving you 6 S5 AP2 shots to take care of TEQ.

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PostSubject: Re: 1500pt DE/EC/CE Mash Up   Sat Oct 01 2016, 00:23


While I've no experience mixing up DE & CWE, if your worried about AT, you could always swap out your Razorwing for a Crimson Hunter, saving 10pts in the process.

Just a thought Smile
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PostSubject: Re: 1500pt DE/EC/CE Mash Up   Sat Oct 01 2016, 01:26

I assume you will be using the DE Reavers/HQs as a deathstar unit?

You have lots of AI, I will second what others have said about swapping the Razorwing and a squad of Corsair Reavers (ugh, why couldent they choose another name for this unit?!) to the Hunter and Fusion guns.

The razorwing doesnt make a very good AT platform, even with the DL.
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PostSubject: Re: 1500pt DE/EC/CE Mash Up   

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1500pt DE/EC/CE Mash Up
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