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 I'm afraid of fish men 1850

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PostSubject: I'm afraid of fish men 1850    Wed Sep 14 2016, 22:07

Harly And Friends – 1853

Corpsethief Claw - 670
X5 Talos
X5 haywire blaster
2 ichor injectors

Shroud of Kurnous – 465
X2 Crimson Hunter

Cast of Players
Death Jester
Haywire Grenade

Shadow Seer
Haywire Grenade

Troupe - 313
X6 player
X4 kiss
Haywire grenade

Combined Arms Detachment - 405

Court of the Archon
X1 Lhameans
Splinter cannon
X2 10 kabalite warriors
Splinter cannon
Raider w/ splinter racks

Hey guys, thanks for reading!
I’ve been playing for about two months and could use some feedback from the community on my list. Been running the above and I really like the fluff of it, but I would also like to hopefully become a little more competitive.
Basically, I’m playing on the theme that the Harlequins have cashed in debts owed to them by their various brethren in order to enact the will of the laughing god (maybe just trying to boot people out of our library).
The main armies I play against are Tau/Nec army (this one destroys me every time), DA, IG, and Tyrannids

My strategy largely revolves around supporting the corpsetheif. I Position my Objectives as grouped together as possible to one of my enemies objectives, then camp my theif in the middle. This forces him to deal with them, unfortunately some armies don’t seem to have too much trouble doing this. My Harlys stay close to the theif and play interception from insta death cc units and throws out psychic powers. Planes come in and bust up armor fairly well then become a big distraction for the enemy. Finally my DE units sit on objectives and target infantry and monstrous creatures.

The army feels like it is on the verge of being powerful, however, I have fairly close games with most of my meta, and totally get wiped off the board by Tau (I hate them soooooo sooooooo much).
Any adjustments or tactics you ’de recommend me trying out?
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PostSubject: Re: I'm afraid of fish men 1850    Thu Sep 15 2016, 05:31

Do you guys play with the new Jink FAQ? If you do, I would dump the raiders and get venoms. They don't just rely on jinking so they may last longer. Plus, the cost is less and you can shoot from farther away.

There are a couple posts about Harley tactics on the forum. I would check them out.
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PostSubject: Re: I'm afraid of fish men 1850    Thu Sep 15 2016, 16:48

I assume what the Tau player does is target your CTC with a million marker lights, then proceed to drown it in plasma?

Try shifting your army to all transports (so MSU rather than deathstar). I bet that would give them some pause.

Alternately you can get the DA and just run it with a few squads of Taloi around it, making use of your 4+ FNP and the Rerolling FNP 1's (warlord trait) bubbles. This would be both stronger, and more able to handle the various marker lights, since he could only target one of the units at a time. You could even grab multiple objectives!

How many points do you generally gain from the CTC "1VP for each unit killed in assault" ability?
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PostSubject: Re: I'm afraid of fish men 1850    

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I'm afraid of fish men 1850
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