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 How Does Raider Spam Work?

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PostSubject: Re: How Does Raider Spam Work?   Fri Sep 16 2016, 20:11

or just replace some venom with more raiders
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PostSubject: Re: How Does Raider Spam Work?   Fri Sep 16 2016, 20:19

@doriii wrote:
dont we  need more than 11 dl shots at 1850?

Its all about the effective value he's getting from his shots. Think of it this way, 4xlance Ravagers bring 12shots, 11 Raiders bring 11 shots. More is not necessarily always better. Instead of shooting just 4 enemy targets a turn like the Ravagers, the Raiders may shoot 11 targets. Sometimes you just need to cripple an enemy vehicle, or maybe you just want it to jink. He has much better control over his fire this way, and I think it helps.

Edit: Also note you pay about 160 point more for the 11 Raiders then you do 4xRavagers, so maybe 5xRavagers would be more fair to compare. 15 shots firing at up to 5 targets vs 11 shots at up to 11 targets. I believe the 11 is still better. You also have to consider the Raiders 33hps of av10 over the  Ravagers 15hps of av11, and the extra target saturation.
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How Does Raider Spam Work?
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