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The Red King
The Red King

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PostSubject: Tantalus   Tantalus I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 12 2016, 07:28

So my tantalus came in the mail yesterday and I had to get a game in that day. So I called up my friend and we got down to it.
I played a primarily Dark eldar list with a little craftworld allies because he was bringing a renegade knight so I brought my nagash wraithknight. He was playing the new chaos warband from traitors hate.
My list was:

Dark eldar CAD

Archon w/helm of spite, husk blade, soul trap, shadowfield

Court of the archon w/ 10 ssylth, 2 medusa in Tantalus w/night shields, splinter racks

5 Kabalite warriorsin venom w/dual splinter cannon ×2
6 reaver jet bikes w/2 cluster caltrops
5 scourge w/4 hwb ×2

Eldar CAD (iyanden)

Eldrad (started with the reavers in case I got seized on but joined the court turn 1)

Autarch w/bike, banshee mask, soulshrive

3 windriders ×2

Wraithknight w/ sword&board

His list was

Chaos warband

Chaos lord in termie w/lightning claw, combi bolter

Sorcerer in termie w/force sword (rolled with their new powers getting 2 Geomortis attack powers and am ectomancy blink 18")

4 terminators plus champion w/ reaper auto cannon, power axes... (I honestly don't remember they didn't last long)

4 havoc plus champion w/4 missile launchers

9 marines + sergeant w/plasma and melta in rhino ×2

Renegade knight w/stormspear missile, avenger gatling cannon, battle cannon

2 chaos. Bikers + champ (bare bones)

Raptor Talon

Raptor lord w/murder sword and jump pack

5 raptors w/ 2 melta guns ×2

5 warp talons (bare)

I was going to film but between my gray army and some terrible counts as due to forgetting some models I decided a verbal report would have to do.

The board was pretty evenly set up with a ruined church on a hill on one side with tall buildings on the opposite side to counter the height advantage of the hill. It was a moot point however as we promptly rolled spoils of war.

I took first turn after the roll off and deployed in a line. My 2 venom went to opposite corners on objectives, bikes on the left side. Scourge in reserve, tantalus and wraithknight kind of central to the hill church and the reavers with autarch hugging a building.

He deployed a marine rhino on each side with bikes on my left, knight opposite my tantalus, Lord and sorceror and termies next to it and havoc in a tall building to my right. All the raptors in reserve of course.

He did not seize and it was night fight, thank you labyrinthine cunning. Turn 1 I moved the bikes forward on the right side to grab an objective, shuffled some other stuff around because I had to control 2 even and 2 odd, moved my wknight towards his knight, Eldrad hopped in the tantalus and the reavers moved forward.

Shooting phase saw 1 bike go down as well as 1 havoc. Then the tantalus mowed down 4-5 terminators leaving the Lord, sorcerer, and champion.

No first blood but oh wow that tantalus. Also turbo one bike squad to the far right.

I scored d3+2 (3) and d3(3) for 6 points on turn 1 (we both used supremacy tactical cards.

His turn, the first free boon turns his lord into a demon prince and gives him plus 1 attack. The rhinos move up, the bikes and remaining termie plus sorceror move up and the now prince moves up

His psychic phase starts rough failing to cast one power, then force goes off and lastly he casts the pick a point 6" inch heavy bolter explosion w/ignores cover on my reavers and I fail to roll a 6 on 7 dice. His random allocation puts 2 on each caltrop 1 on the autarch and 2 on regular guys. He fails to wound on 2-3 of those but kills both caltrops and a regular dude. Ouch.
Shooting he puts his 3 remaining havoc and his knights gatling plus missiles into my knight. The havoc fail to wound, the knight causes 1 wound. He shoots the battle cannon into the tantalus causing one penetrating hit which only cause snap fire. His rhinos kill one of my bikes maybe and then he charges his bikes into mine beginning a slap fest that lasts until the end of the game.

He scored objective 4 and half of hold objective for 2 turns. (1.5)

My turn 2 both scourge come in deepstrike with no troubles and range on his knight. I mostly shuffle as I move the knight towards his knight which had moved slightly away, I move the tantalus to get my slyyth in range of the prince and I move my remaining reavers towards the bike slap fest on my left.

In the psychic phase Eldrad gets off eldritch storm for 1 hull point which I later give back when I remember the new faq means he's snap firing and can't shoot that.

Shooting, I kill 2 more havoc and put 1 hull point on the knight. My sslyth (who I think I forgot to snap fire) plus a venom and lastly the shots from my reavers kill the newly spawned prince. The snap firing tantalus kills the sorceror and termie champ.

In the assault phase my wknight fails his charge on the renegade and the bikes slap each other.

I score nothing this turn but first blood (7)

His turn, only 1 raptor squad shows up who promptly mishap into ongoing reserves(ouch). His free boons give his bike champ I5 and HoW. The rhinos dump their passengers to shoot up my poor scourge and one bike squad. The knight moves back again.

Shooting wipes out one squad of scourge and drops another to 3 models. My tantalus takes no damage and does not jink as night shields plus a building gave him a 3+ anyways. And my 2 bike squad survives 15 bolter shots a melta and a plasma with one guy remaining. The bikes slap each other with much gusto.

He finishes hold for 2 turns and score 4 again (4)

My turn 3. Move the tantalus to see the marines, move the wknight towards his knight. Move the last bike way away because he earned it. Reavers move towards slap city.

I forget to psyker.

Shooting from the tantalus, venom, ssylth fail to kill the marines due to only being able to see some of them. I maybe hw a hull point with my scourge and kill 2 marines on the other side.

My wknight fails his charge again. Reavers join the slap fight and HoW kills one bike leaving just the champion. Slap slap slap. Still there.

I score nothing due to those bikes being obsec on the objective I need and his marines not dying. (7)

His turn, the other squad of raptor and warp talons with warlord do not show up. His ongoing reserve one comes back and mishaps to death.....

We had to call it here because the store was going so I decided to give him some of his objectives that he probably would've gotten (he's a gracious opponent and he has never beaten me) but a low d3 roll sees it become 8 to 8 due to my line breaker. Then he points out that since his lord was in reserves it counted as a victory point for me.

End result 9-8

It was a good game though.
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PostSubject: Re: Tantalus   Tantalus I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 12 2016, 20:41

Thanks for posting the batrep with a Tantalus. I am suprised it did as much as it did.

BTW, your bikes have Hit and Run, you could have run away and then charged back in for the rending HoW attacks...
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The Red King
The Red King

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PostSubject: Re: Tantalus   Tantalus I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 12 2016, 21:45

I'm sorry, it was Eldar bikes. Only the autarch bike squad was reavers. I should've been clear.

They chose not to hit and run to avoid the large amount of shooting that was right next to them.

For Khaela Mensha Khaine!
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PostSubject: Re: Tantalus   Tantalus I_icon_minitime

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