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The Red King
The Red King

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PostSubject: Tantalus   Mon Sep 12 2016, 13:40

So my tantalus came in the mail yesterday and I had to get a game in that day. So I called up my friend and we got down to it.
I played a primarily Dark eldar list with a little craftworld allies because he was bringing a renegade knight so I brought my nagash wraithknight. He was playing the new chaos warband from traitors hate.
My list was:

Dark eldar CAD

Archon w/helm of spite, husk blade, soul trap, shadowfield

Court of the archon w/ 10 ssylth, 2 medusa in Tantalus w/night shields, splinter racks

5 Kabalite warriorsin venom w/dual splinter cannon ×2
6 reaver jet bikes w/2 cluster caltrops
5 scourge w/4 hwb ×2

Eldar CAD (iyanden

I was going to film but between my gray army and some terrible counts as due to forgetting some models I decided a verbal report would have to do.

The board was pretty evenly set up with a ruined church on a hill on one side with tall buildings on the opposite side to counter the height advantage of the hill. It was a moot point however as we promptly rolled spoils of war.

I took first turn after the roll off and deployed
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