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 Kabal of Righteous Indignation

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PostSubject: Kabal of Righteous Indignation   Thu Oct 06 2011, 22:11

Well hello there. Before we start Id just like to say what an awesome collection of painters you have here. I will try my best to keep up with you or at least not embarrass you all.

I recently decided that a year was long enough for my Dark Eldar to sit in their boxes , and promptly built half of a 2000 point cache I had from when they were released.

To spur me on I joined one of those motivational blogs on Warseer in a vain attempt at actually doing something. Then I discovered this site and the wealth of ideas to stea..... I mean inspiration here.

So 200 points a month is the goal and as I joined late into the first month I cheated and painted Lelith and a sybarite.

I started out with the usual paint test. Id already decided on classic Purple so I tried liche and hormagaunt varieties. I wasnt impressed with either tbh but I layered on 3 coats of leviathan purple wash over the hormagaunt version to get a colour I liked.
the right one.

I then thought it all looked a bit dull so I tried a light coloured undersuit. I wasnt even aware they had an undersuit tll I started painting them which was a nice surprise.

It was looking better but I thought bugger it let make it white.

Then I got all serious and went for Lelith.

Yeah Im out of practice in all aspects of the hobby. Including picture taking it seems, but its a learning curve and tbh I wouldnt be fielding her too often so I dont mind making miskes on her if it improves my archon later. I also have to use a magnifying light now to paint as Im all old and falling apart. The downside of this is I still move things towards me to get a closer look when under the light I should move them away to get a better magnification. Its all ass backwards and quite confusing. The upside is when Im fixing mistakes Im super critical then when I look at them without the light it all looks so much less awful.

The lack of finished bases is because Im trying to decide which resin ones to buy. More on that after these.

They are both about an hour away each from being finished as far as Im concerned. Few bits here and there that need tidied and theyre done.

Well I was gonna post links to the bases but Im not allowed yet. So soon maybe.
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PostSubject: Re: Kabal of Righteous Indignation   Fri Oct 07 2011, 06:43

These look great mate, I wouldn't worry about being too out of practice. Not completely sold on the gloss-finished hair, but that's just me. The armour and everything else looks fine.

That undersuit is perhaps just a little too light to go with the purple armour. It's also too close to their skin colour. I'd maybe try something completely different, like an earthy brown for example.

Good work, keep it coming!

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PostSubject: Re: Kabal of Righteous Indignation   Fri Oct 07 2011, 07:17

Or go for yellow!
Complements the purple really nicelly.
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PostSubject: Re: Kabal of Righteous Indignation   Fri Oct 07 2011, 17:46


Comments to your intro.

There are a lot of very talented painters here, that much is true. However, do not concern yourself with embarrassing any of us. You have taken the first step in improving by posting here for us to comment and advise on things to improve.

Please steal Dark Eldar ideas, its the DE way Twisted Evil

On to your painting.

Purple on the armor looks really good.

The skin is what seems to be not working.
here is the problem as I see it, you have a cool color on the purple, and the skin is also a cool color, so nothing really stands out.

My thoughts are add an accent color, like Yellow to brighten things up.


Change the skin tone. One of my biggest peeves is the DE look like day old zombie with the cool skin color. My suggestion is to go with a warmer more natural skin color.

It won't look odd and will give the overall model a little more vitality.

Ultimately, you need to be happy with your army and you paint it however makes you happiest, but that is my initial suggestion that will require the least amount of change.

The body suit looks like it is the same color as the skin, and I think there is too much purple in the model, so the yellow or yellow orange would be good.
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PostSubject: Re: Kabal of Righteous Indignation   Fri Oct 07 2011, 22:49

Thanks guys for the comments and suggestions.

I wasnt happy with the skin myself. It seemed to be all the rage though so I thought Id give it a try. It looks nice in the armies Ive seen so far.

I tried doing the skin as per normal and I must say Im very happy with the results so cheers for the nudge in that direction.

The other suggestion about using yellow or orange, Ive had this suggestion from others too so I gave it a try out. Im less than enamoured with this scheme and I will be going with the white/ Black version. But hey you dont know till you try stuff right?

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PostSubject: Re: Kabal of Righteous Indignation   Fri Oct 07 2011, 22:53

Lelith got a new skin job too. I guess the very 3d nature of this model is screwing up my cameras focus , I managed a couple of half decent shots though.

More Warriors will be next and some Scourges, which Im really looking forward to.
Thanks for looking.
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PostSubject: Re: Kabal of Righteous Indignation   Sun Oct 09 2011, 21:06

It looks great!
Especially the purple is nice, it's a wonder what can be done with washes Cool

Lelith is also nicely painted, my only real problem (except the models metal gstring which looks really uncomfortable Razz ) is the glossy hair. Don't know if it's the pictures but it seems it's been given a coat of gloss varnish creating a somewhat slimey effect.

Also I believe more in your previous scheme, without the yellow.

Keep up the good work!

Working on a new Dark Eldar army: Kabal of the Poison Rose

"Death? You want death? I'm afraid that would be far too boring"

- Lord Sarnak of the Kabal of the Black Heart
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PostSubject: Re: Kabal of Righteous Indignation   

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Kabal of Righteous Indignation
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