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 Gunslinger Archons/Succubi

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PostSubject: Gunslinger Archons/Succubi   Fri Aug 12 2016, 09:27

Hello fellow fearmongers

I plan to equip an Archon or Succubus with the Parasite's Kiss to dual wield with its standard splinter pistol, so I have a quick question or two about the Gunslinger special rule as it applies to our pistol-wielding HQs.

Why do it though? It's badass.

Having never used models with gunslinger nor, oddly, ever played against models with gunslinger, I would appreciate a confirmation on how ye olde rules spell out for models that already have multiple attacks.

(Gunslinger allows a model with 2 pistols to fire both in the shooting phase.)

Question According to my interpretation, this could go one of 2 ways:

The model has X attacks base. Gunslinger allows it to fire both for each attack, allowing for an effective total of 2X ATK. However, are these attacks treated as
    a. X from one pistol and X from the second, or
    b. 2X from a weapon of my choice, as in close combat. This would obviously be most dank.

Either way this seems extremely overpowered and I could not help but laugh out loud, as I now have a full 8 BS 7 poison attacks coming from my Archon, half (OR ALL???) of which are 2+ and regen wounds.  He is basically a walking venom with a pimpin' flesh cape. AKA I scoff at your Carnifex. The real question would then become: for a measly 5 points, when would you ever NOT take the Kiss?
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PostSubject: Re: Gunslinger Archons/Succubi   Fri Aug 12 2016, 09:55

Unfortunately you have misunderstood the rules. Your Attacks characteristic has no impact on the number of shots fired by ranged weapons. You get the number of shots on the weapons profile. For both Splinter Pistols and Parasite's Kiss, this is one shot each as they are Pistol weapons and the rules for those say "Pistols are effectively Assault 1 weapons". The rules also tells us how pistols are dealt with in close combat:

Quote :
Pistols as Close Combat Weapons
A pistol can be used as a close combat weapon. If this is done, use the profile given above
– the Strength, AP and special rules of the pistol’s shooting profile are ignored.


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PostSubject: Re: Gunslinger Archons/Succubi   Fri Aug 12 2016, 10:05

Shooting doesn't use the unit's attack stat but only the guns' statlines, where the number says how many shots it has.
+ The gunslinger rule, which says you can fire both.
So 1 shot for each.
Not more, sorry.

Edit: Ninja'd

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PostSubject: Re: Gunslinger Archons/Succubi   Fri Aug 12 2016, 10:07

Ah I understand.  And I'm crying inside.

But that would have been dope Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Gunslinger Archons/Succubi   

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Gunslinger Archons/Succubi
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