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 Help with MSU list (outside my normal way of doing things)

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PostSubject: Help with MSU list (outside my normal way of doing things)   Wed Jul 27 2016, 00:23

I'm attempting to make an 1850 MSU list that takes into consideration quite a few of the comments on the board.  Any comments and suggests are welcome.

Meta here is primarily Maelstrom.  Quite a mixed bag of players, with relatively low number of marine players.  I typically run the supremacy cards with a large amount of objective grabbing requirements.

The general thought was MSU objective grabbers with balanced Anti-Tank/Anti-Infantry.


Archon /w WWP and Blaster  (attaches to Fire Dragons below)

5x Warriors /w Venom 2x Cannon
5x Warriors /w Venom 2x Cannon
5x Warriors /w Raider Dark Lance
5x Warriors /w Raider Dark Lance
5x Wyches /w Raider Disintegrator
5x Wyches /w Raider Disintegrator

5x Mandrakes
3x Grotesques (Spiritseer [below] joints them)

3x Reavers /w Caltrop
3x Reavers /w Caltrop
3x Reavers /w Caltrop

Ravager /w 3 Dark Lances
Ravager /w 3 Disintegrators

Craftworld Allied Detachment

Spiritseer  (hangs out with Grotesques somewhere in my deployment zone)
3x Windriders /w 3x Scatter Lasers

Aspect Host
6x Striking Scorpions - Boss /w Claw
6x Fire Dragons - Boss (deploys through WWP)
3x Dark Reapers - Boss

Grotesques were a last minute addition as I had around 100 points to fill out.
Spiritseer could be swapped for an Autarch (Fusion Blaster or plain).  I could also include a Farseer on foot.
I could drop the Grotesques, 1 Scorpion, and 1 Fire Dragon to free up quite a few points.

Other models that could be included:
2x DE bombers
2x DE fighters
pretty much any character
Dire Avengers
1x Wave Serpent
Wyches, Warriors, and Mandrakes could be fleshed out with numbers and special weapons.
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PostSubject: Re: Help with MSU list (outside my normal way of doing things)   Wed Jul 27 2016, 05:25

It seems to me, Myrvn, this is an attempt at a take-all-comers list, which I find do not work due to lack of focus. For example, why are you including 5 Mandrakes? Don't get me wrong, I use Mandrakes myself, but I don't see what you hope to achieve with one squad of 5.

I am not sue why you are taking Wyches, either? Especially with Striking Scorpions elsewhere. Their boats might be handy for objective grabbing, but I doubt that they will last very long, or do much damage.

A second squad of Windriders? Another dual-cannon Venom? These would give you more punch, I think.

I find that a Talos or two in the backfield are good for sitting on objectives and making your opponent think twice. They are quite durable.

Just a few thoughts.
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PostSubject: Re: Help with MSU list (outside my normal way of doing things)   Wed Jul 27 2016, 17:30

A lot of the specifics are due to what models I have... :-/ but I'm willing to expand if necessary. It is a take all comers. And I agree I have no theme. Which is why I need the assistance :-)

With the rough basics of this list, what would you focus on for a theme to flesh out?

I've been meaning to buy another Windrider squad and Venom. It hasn't happened yet. If I did run another Windrider squad I'd be curious on scatter lasers or straight up objective grabbing.

Mandrakes... Would you just go with 3x? A larger squad? Drop them entirely? 5x seemed like a happy medium for durability and usefulness. I have used a squad of 8 in the past with good results. Two squads of 3x? A lot of local meta is Xenos, so AP4 is very good.

Wyches - I ran outrof warrior squads. I have 3x full squads of wyches waiting for a supplement or new codex... They were mostly to fill space for the MSU approach. If this list works out a bit I may buy a few more boxes of warriors. Unfortunately all the squads are painted with different squad markings, so it is difficult to just use other models for a squad (other than proxy play testing).

Would the Grotesques fill the role of a Talos in the backfield? I have a Talos mostly painted that I could drop in. My Cronos needs a bit more pinning to complete. Otherwisei could swing a Dark Artisan. But I'd need to drop quite a few points and it didn't seem to fit the MSU theme.
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Help with MSU list (outside my normal way of doing things)
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