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 1000 pts vs Eldar - 2cd game in a decade

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: 1000 pts vs Eldar - 2cd game in a decade   Sat Jul 23 2016, 07:14

I played a very short game with a buddy who plays Eldar today. It was a short and brutal massacre in turn three.

He ran a Wave Serpent full of Fire Dragons up my left flank in the first turn and put a missile into the Succubus/Grot Raider, which was jinked. I think he was planning to disembark the Dragons in turn two to finish the job, but he had overextended; there was enough cover to move my units in behind the Serpent without LOS from anything other than a unit of Dark Reapers.

My two Ravagers arrived from Reserve (Labrythine Cunning FTW) and one of them wrecked the Serpent with three DL hits to the rear. The Succubus + grots assaulted the Dragons as they disembarked. The extra firepower I had expected to need for the Serpent to wipe out the Reaper squad. I even had a unit of beasts in place to assault the Reapers. The Khymerae were disappointed.

That was almost half the points of his army either gone or tied up in assault, so the third turn was really just finishing off the survivors. A high point was killing Maugan Ra with fire from a unit of three Mandrakes and a Venom. A low point was my beast pack failing to assault a unit of Guardians 4.5" away, even after re-rolling with fleet. I really can't complain, though, the dice gods were very good to me.

My 10 man Warrior unit in a Raider w. Splinter Racks never made it on to the table from Reserve. Early bird and all that, I suppose.

I think I need to help him plan his army a little better. Every single unit had a Warlock or Exarch, and he had points concentrated into too few models.

Still, it was a pleasant surprise to have my second game in a long time go so well.

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: 1000 pts vs Eldar - 2cd game in a decade   Mon Jul 25 2016, 21:39

Well played.

The Eldar list does sound a little upgrade heavy & a named Char in a 1000 pt game seems excessive!

Where were his Warp Spiders lol?
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1000 pts vs Eldar - 2cd game in a decade
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