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 1500 casual trial list

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PostSubject: 1500 casual trial list   Fri Jul 22 2016, 09:02

Hey guys, I'm very new to Warhammer generally and have only had a handful of battles, so I'm very much in the "fun" stage and just trying stuff out to see how things perform, rather than being too bothered about winning. Though winning would certainly be nice, haha.

I'm playing against a friend on Sunday who will be running Eldar, no indications of what units.

I want to try for a null deployment using the Scalpel Squadron, and I want to see both the Dark Artisan in action as well as the Void Raven (yes I know it's not really very good, but I don't think he'll be taking a flyer so I'll get the +1/-1 to my reserve rolls). So just after tips on what else to take really!

Dark Artisan

Cronos - Spirit Probe
Talos - Ichor Injector, Heat Lance
Haemy - WW Portal, Liquifier Gun, Scissorhand, The Nightmare Doll, The Panacea Perverted, Crucible of Malediction (just to see the look on his face, as he loves his psykers).

Scalpel Squadron

5 x Wracks - Ossefactor, Venom w/ Splinter Cannon
5 x Wracks - Ossefactor, Venom w/ Splinter Cannon

Realspace Raiders Detachment

Archon - Blaster

9 x Kabalite Warriors - Blaster, Raider w/ Night Shields, Splinter Racks
8 x Kabalite Warriors - Blaster, Raider w/ Night Shields, Splinter Racks (only 8 cos I ran outta point)

Voidraven Bomber - 4 x Shatterfield Missiles

6 x Reavers - 2 x Caltrops, 2 x Heat Lances.

There's arguments over whether the Nightmare Doll stacks with the Spirit Probe, as the probe can't increase FNP beyond 4+, however the Nightmare Doll does not increase it beyond 4+ - it ADDS 1 to the roll. So my view is that this combination will essentially give 3+ FNP.

I'm a bit limited in terms of models (I only have 2 venoms and 2 raiders otherwise I'd put the kabs in venoms) but other options I have are a Ravager, Razorwing, 5 Scourges, 5 Incubi, 4 medusae, 10 wyches, succubus, or another haemy.

Any thoughts very much appreciated! Apologies if this is a shockingly bad list, lol.

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Archon Vitcus
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 casual trial list   Fri Jul 22 2016, 10:15

Your new to war hammer and chose dark elder as your army? Damn lol

First thing though, the heami has way too many point sunk into him, I would drop both of those relics for the Sump a drop the liquifier, sissorhand...that's ok. Crucible of malediction...yeah alright if he's got a lot of pskyers fair play. I've never used it so can say how well it performs.

Archon with blaster, cant argue with that really given the rest of the list
Troops are sound, odd numbers but sound lol
Reavers are awesome

Voidraven...honestly, a razorwing does the job of bomber far better and cheaper 4 st6 large blasts as standard as opposed to having to buy expensive missiles. The voidbomb is nice since it can be dropped before any interceptor but other than that I usually can't justify taking mine unless I'm wanting anti air (which the bomber does better than the fighter strangely enough) at 200pts I would drop it and replace it with the razorwing and with the points dropped from the heami you could probably take that ravaged as well

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 casual trial list   Fri Jul 22 2016, 10:42

Hahah yeah I get warned a lot that I better really know my tactics or else get hammered!

That's great, thanks for the advice.

My thinking with the haemy was for him to kinda be up front and soak up a lot of damage, but yeah it is a lot of points.

I agree with you on the VR - I didn't realise how little it would be used til after I bought it, so I feel I should use it at least once just to say I've tried it out, hahah.

Thanks again!
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 casual trial list   

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1500 casual trial list
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