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 Purge coterie Dark eldar VS an eclectic selection of Tau 1000 pts.

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PostSubject: Purge coterie Dark eldar VS an eclectic selection of Tau 1000 pts.    Wed Jul 13 2016, 23:41

I got a surprise visit from one of my friends from Oslo, and he brought some Tau models he had laying around for a quick game or two against my Dark Eldar. I was lucky because he had to travel light, s[ he did not bring any of his Forgeworld riptides or any other large suits. In fact he had been in a bit of a hurry and forgotten to bring any drones as well.
But we decided to make the best of it and in the end his list ended up being something like this:

1 crisis commander in a unit with
3 other crisis suits. They could all fire at different targets and it the commander did not fire they got some bonus or other. Twinlinked and ignore cover?
1 lone hazard suit
2 units of fire warriors with the the missile buckets.
1 unit of pathfinders
1 Hammerhead
1 Devilfish

I brought:

Dark Eldar Purge coterie
1 Archon with armor of misery and a blaster in a Venom
5 Warriors upgraded to trueborn with 4 blasters in a Venom
6 bikes 2 caltrops
1 raider with disintegrator
1 court with 4 Sslyth in a venom

Dark Eldar CAD
1 Lhamean walking
2 X 5 warriors naked and on foot
5 bikes 1 caltrop
1 ravager 3X lance + nightshield.

We agreed to play the Archon as being able to point from inside the boat.

Since it was a small game we played on a 4'X4' table.
Mission emperors will.
I placed my objective in the open but behind some LOS blocking terrain. He did the same.
My warlord trait gave the warlord and three other units infiltrate.
His was to force a pinning test on three units on the first game turn.

I infiltrated my Archon with the Sslyth in a venom on he tallest point on the table so he could see stuff. Then the blasterborn I hid as best I could but also making sure that they could move 6" and be in range to shot at the hammerhead first turn. And finally I hid the unit of 5 bikes behind a building close to his pathfinders.

One unit of warriors were hanging out on the objective goading him to do something about it, the other unit was in reserve as a backup if he decided to actually do.

He castled in a corner but set up the pathfinders in the other corner with the hazard suit as a babysitter.

I had first turn, got night fighting and he failed to seize. But he elected to try and pin my two bike units and the trueborn and was able to pin the 6 man bike squad.

DE 1st:
I declared the Hammerhead to be the preferred enemy first turn.
I moved up the Venoms as shown. Two of them and the disintigrator on the raider unloaded on the pathfinders. They went to ground but I killed all but two. The trueborn rolled a lucky 6 and blew up the Hammerhead for first blood. Their venom took out a couple of fire warriors.
The ravager did nothing since it was out of targets.
For my last move that turn I took a page out of @Skari 's tactical... book... corner... and boosted the bikes up to shield the trueborns venom and force him to spend his ignore cover shots on the 2+ jinking bikes.

TAU 1st
His firewarriors deployed their buckets o'Kentucky fried death, the suit unit moved to target them as well and the lone hazard suit hurried to try and join the action. Then he let loose everything on the bikes. Thankfully the only thing left that had SMS was the Devilfish, because he opted for the other type of missiles on his buckets for some reason. Thanks to that list building faux pas and night fighting, the bikes were able to soak up the shooting from all his units before being wiped out.
The suit unit then thrust back behind the building.

DE 2nd
I moved my trueborn up on the roof of the building and disembarked to stay out of LOS for the units closest to the wall and at the same time get a cover save from the crenelations. I needed them to be able to shoot he Devilfish and I figured it would be better to split them to give him a hard time prioritizing targets. I also moved up the courts Venom and disembarked, setting up a corner charge in order to minimize the overwatch.
The last venom went after the remaining path finders together with the raider killing one...
The previously pinned bike unit also moved up sniffing for targets of opportunity.
The ravager shuffled to get a solution on the Devilfish which it finished together with the trueborn that had preferred enemy that turn.
The trueborn venom fired at the hazard suit taking a wound.
The court venom and the bikes fired at the closest Firewarrior team failing to wipe them out with one man and his trusty bucket companion left lurking. Not a single break test failed all game...
I then declared that the court would charge the suit unit fully expecting to lose unfortunate Fred that had been selected to peek around the corner. And sure enough all that was left after the suits had fired was a crater with a pair of smoking snakeskin boots. Much less anticipated was losing another Sslyth to the lone bucketman in the bushes and his heroic rolling of sixes.
I make the charge ant kill a suit and wounds another. He puts one wound on a Sslyth in return.
The armor of misery saves the life of the Archon who brought a literal knife to a mechanised battlesuit-fight.

TAU 2nd
Everything left shoots at the venom and trueborn on the roof, downing the Venom and leaving two trueborn alive. In close combat the Sslyth take out one more chump suit leaving the commander +1, and the Archon miraculously survives again.

We then decided to call it in favor of the DE in order to reset and do a second game.


He ran the same list except swapping in SMS and seeker missiles on anything that could take it and retooling the hammerhead to be a mobile pie plate factory.
I replaced the CAD with a WWP dark artisan and the Sslyth with one medusa and two lhameans.
We use the same table with the scenery unmoved, but shift 90 degrees and play from the other table edges.
We roll the scouring, I have the reroll reserves warlord trait and he gets something absolutely useless that I forget.
I deployed first, putting down an empty raider and an empty venom behind LOS blocking terrain and out of range for the SMS' etc.
The other two venoms are placed in deepstrike reserve with the dark atisan, and the bikes in regular reserve.
I force him to go first.

He has everything deployed in a line in the middle, except for the hazard suit that is in deepstrike reserve. He has the hammerhead on top of a building to threaten everything, only he could not see anything. So he only moved the fire warriors up to capture an objective, the other unit of firewarriors are in the devilfish and do nothing. The suit unit goes off towards the ruins by themselves. I try not to snicker too much.

In my first turn the venom and the dissie raider shoot the suits doing a wound or two.

His second turn he dug in and deployed the buckets while the suits stunned both my boats bringing them down to one HP each. The second firewarrior team disembark into cover.

My second turn, everything comes in from reserve. No mishaps and hardly any scatter.
The trueborn go after the hammerhead again making him jink. Their venom targets the pathfinders but can't hit once on 12 shots...
The Archon and court scatter a little bit, but are able to disembark, flame the warriors in cover and make them run off the board.
The dark artisan pop in to realspace behind the poor suit unit, shoots a little bit and lick their lips in anticipation. The bikes come on the board from the table edge and shoots one of the suits to death then jump back.

Tau turn three
He shoots everything he can into the dark atisan doing just a couple of wounds. He downs the venom the court arrived in. His hazard suit mishaps...

After that it is kind of a blur, but basically the trueborn got preferred enemy and took out the hammerhead again, and with nothing much left to threaten it the dark artisan went on to eat his remaining suits and the Devilfish. When we called it he had the pathfinders and half a squad of firewarriors left on the table and a hazard suit that just did NOT want to be a part of any of that hovering around in reserves.

A jolly good time, but probably not really representative of games people have now a days. The Tau lists was really sub par since he was forced to play with whatever models he had brought. And he forgot to bring any really good ones. It was also small points on a small table with lots of scenery, so I was able to close in fast while still being able to hide from the worst of the shooting.

Hilariously I never got to charge with the bikes, but they did a fair amount of damage with their splinter rifles.
The formation bonus did not come in to play very often. I think I used it three times. Once against the path finders in the first game, and against the Hamerhead in both games. If memory serves I rerolled one 1 each time I used it.
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PostSubject: Re: Purge coterie Dark eldar VS an eclectic selection of Tau 1000 pts.    Thu Jul 14 2016, 21:24

Good to see a Tau army being demolished. The opponent's battlesuits were easily countered by the poison though a Tau army can always be a threat.
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PostSubject: Re: Purge coterie Dark eldar VS an eclectic selection of Tau 1000 pts.    Thu Jul 14 2016, 22:20

Glad you enjoyed your games - A quick note for future games though.

BIkes and jetbikes can never be pinnned.  They can't even go to ground voluntarily.
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PostSubject: Re: Purge coterie Dark eldar VS an eclectic selection of Tau 1000 pts.    Sat Jul 16 2016, 09:20

@stilgar27 wrote:
Glad you enjoyed your games - A quick note for future games though.

BIkes and jetbikes can never be pinnned.  They can't even go to ground voluntarily.

Hah! Then that warlord trait must be pretty useless against dark eldar since no one ever deploys anything important on foot.
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PostSubject: Re: Purge coterie Dark eldar VS an eclectic selection of Tau 1000 pts.    

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Purge coterie Dark eldar VS an eclectic selection of Tau 1000 pts.
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