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 1750 Tournament - Our codex may be old but we've still got (poisoned) teeth!

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: 1750 Tournament - Our codex may be old but we've still got (poisoned) teeth!   Fri Jul 08 2016, 09:58

Hail cousins,

I've got two tournaments coming up and I've got my list pretty much set - just the HQ is a case of contention in my mind: do I take a Llhamean (cheap), an Archon (shadowfield tank), or a Haemonculus (can't think of the advantages right now tbh). A Succubus I find too expensive for what she brings to the table to be honest.

Restrictions placed by the organizer are: CAD only, no allies, no superheavies

Let's have a look:

HQ = ?

5x Venom (double cannon) with Kabalites, Blaster

2x 6 Reavers with CCs
1x 5 Scourges with Haywire

3x Ravager, 2 with cannons, 1 with lances, all with Nightshields

1x 5 Mandrakes
1x 4 Grots, Aberration w Scissorhand, Raider, Nightshields

The Venoms and Kabalites take objectives. The Reavers and Grots counter-assault if necessary (got tabled by Ravenwing Spam last tournament when I had no assault units). Mandrakes sit on an objective.

Ravager with lances and Scourges kill vehicles. Other Ravagers kill everything else and are a threat even when jinking - that's why I like them over the tri-lance versions.

Does that look solid to you? HQ wise I'm leaning towards the Archon because the Grots with their LD of 3 on their own... yeah not such a good idea I guess.

Armies that are traditionally a tough matchup for me: Tau, Dark Angels

Thanks for you input!

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PostSubject: Re: 1750 Tournament - Our codex may be old but we've still got (poisoned) teeth!   Fri Jul 08 2016, 18:08

Succubus with Archite glaive is actually a really good compliment to grots because she improves their leadership, and is good against the one thing grots are NOT: 2+ armour saves. So taking her keeps them from getting tarpitted by TEQ for the entire game. Also, she's a freaking blender that goes at Initiative 8 with WS8. She murders pretty much any non-named character with a normal armour save short of a Daemon prince without it being able to strike back. Wink

Also, while I understand the initial appeal of dissie cannons on ravagers, since you get dark lance upgrades on ravagers cheaper than on any other platform(5 points), you really should take them there. If you're up against a higher number of vehicles, you'll need the extra dark lance shots, and if you're not, you can always use the dark lances against things like terminators to pierce 2+ armour, or any T4 models with multiple wounds or feel no pain to instant death them.

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1750 Tournament - Our codex may be old but we've still got (poisoned) teeth!
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