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 The First Taste...

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Thu Oct 13 2011, 09:18

The new scourges are beautiful models, I can understand what drew you to them. And on top of that they're just so easy to mix with other bits from the range.

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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Thu Oct 13 2011, 20:36

The first Dark Eldar models I actually bought were the new Archon and a box of the new Wyches, but a couple friends gave me a total of ~1,500 points of the old Dark Eldar models (three Raiders, the female Dracon, something like 12 jetbikes and 40+ Warriors) about 6 months before the new codex came out, and I figured out how to win with the old codex in the meantime.

Still, one of the things that originally attracted me to the Dark Eldar was the Wych Cult, and while I do like the new models a lot, I kinda wish they'd done some in the old style.

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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Fri Oct 14 2011, 00:19

@Raneth wrote:
@Thor665 wrote:
You also got jungle trees.

Best thing from the box as far as I was concerned. Good times.

That Battleforce were also my first ever DE models, closely followed by a couple of Reaver jetbikes as I just -had- to have a Chopper Archon.

Of this set, I first picked up the Battleforce and an extra Raider.

I know what u mean, I was the guy in my area who always got stuck with the de in the boxes demo games lol. "here watch how awesome these marines are"


I think I died a little inside when my codex showed up I threw it open to look at the archon....

That woulda been my 1st buy.. Some reavers n archon to convert into the NEW cult of the cobalt blur
Sadly... I couldn't recreate my sold de army...

So I guess it was the raider and some sexy wyches
But the razerwing has been my fave sofar... Just awesome lines and not TOO evil. Just right
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Sky Serpent
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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Mon Oct 17 2011, 09:57

1998: I can't remember if I was a sensible kid and bought the Codex first, no, hmmm, I'm going to put my money on a box of Warriors and then I think a Haemonculus and then maybe the Codex. So it goes.

2010: Codex, Archon, Urien, Lelith, 3 Raiders, 2 Reavers, 2 Warriors, 2 Wyches, 3 Webways: One big preorder.


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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Thu Oct 20 2011, 20:50

I believe it was a box of the new Warriors when they first came out, closely followed by Wyches. I bought them thinking I'll just assemble and paint and won't play, but how wrong was I...

So now my starting army in 40K is Dark Eldar Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Thu Oct 20 2011, 21:21

That's how they hook you - those models are dangerous.


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Lady Malys
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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Sun Oct 23 2011, 02:39

The Dark Eldar webway portal. In terms of actual minis it was Wyches and Warriors, a box each, Happy Christmas to me Very Happy


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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Sun Oct 23 2011, 23:37

I just bought an old ravager, and 2 raiders on ebay today.


battleforce box is coming soon I hope (when I sell gears of war 3, deus ex human revolution, and RAGE)
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Fri Oct 28 2011, 10:31

My first purchase was a whole bunch of old DE-Warriors from the 3rd Edition Starterbox my Friends wouldn't use. Then it was the old Talos.

Tomorrow I'll buy a new Ravager as the first new DE

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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Fri Oct 28 2011, 11:45

My first purchase; a Succubus finecast model arrived in the mail just now.

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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Fri Oct 28 2011, 12:07

Go back far enough to the 3rd ed talos and you have my first DE model... though it sat in a box for the better part of a decade prior to being built and painted last year!!!

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Fri Oct 28 2011, 18:27

Well it started with a box of reavers. Then another box of reavers, after that some gortesques a hame,a raider, a battleforce for the reavers and raider, and finally wracks.

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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Sun Nov 13 2011, 12:33

my 1st Dark Eldar model was the finecast Archon,i was borrowing my local stores army for games in the store and the only thing the army didnt have was an HQ so i started with that,but my first proper purchase of my army was a Razorwing Jetfighter,a box of Kabalie Warriors & a box of Hellions

Kabal - The Wraithkind

army started on 28/10/2011

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Marquis Vaulkhere
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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   Sun Nov 13 2011, 16:57

Well there are two awnsers.
My girlfreind and I first constructed 30+ wracks 10 grotesques and three talos using non-Eldar bitz. The first actual DE model I purchased was last sunday |6.11.11| and is amazing to say the least. I love the shape of the ship and the way the Crew looks gives me great hope for the warrors of the Dark city. All hail pain and the dark city.

"The only constant in the universe is pain."
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PostSubject: Re: The First Taste...   

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The First Taste...
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