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 1850 pts DE vs Orks

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PostSubject: 1850 pts DE vs Orks   Mon Jul 04 2016, 01:05

Advertisement : If you are only into heavily competitive meta, skip this report,you won't be interested.

I played a 1850 game against a fellow club member.

His list :
He was playing a formation but I forgot the name.
A couple of mega nobz
6 x 30 boyz
3 x 2 Copter
A smal unit of gretchin

My list
Archon (SF, Agoniser, HWB)
3 Incubi including a Klaivex
4 x 5 Warrior in dual cannon venoms
2 Razorwing with DL
5 Scourge with 4 HWB
3 Ravagers (DL)
Dark Artisan formation (Scissorhand, WWP, Ichor Injector, Heatlance, Spirit Probe)

The mission was empror's will in dawn of war deployment. No Nightfight. I went First

Turn 1 :
I tries to get firstblood by firing my Ravagers at his copter but only manage 1 wound. The venoms open fire and kill of couple of boyz in the two rightmost squads (one of them is parked on his objective)

His Boyz move forward and run. His coper wiff against my venoms.

Turn 2 :
I deepstrike the DA In front of the two squads I fired into earlier and flame a couple of boyz. The razorwing fires their missiles and nearly exterminate 2 squads of boyz with the help of the venoms. The Ravagers kill one copter squad.

Everything move forward. The Copter kill of venom. The rightmost squad of boyz assaults the DA and get mostly trashed.

Turn 3 :
I move away from his left wing and back on my objective. The Ravagers and the Razorwings unload into the mega nobz killing a bunch of them. The venoms keep killing more boyz. I'm working from right to left, starting with his units closer to my objective. The incubi charges into the assault with the DA and they finish the orks.

His boyz unit on his objective charge the incubi killing all but the Klaivex and the Archon. He also assaults the 5 men squad they was in the wrecked venom and 2 of the ravagers. They are all destroyed.

Turn 4
The Razorwings and the remaining ravager kill the last meganobz and his warboss. The venom keep killing more boyz and the DA join the assault, which I win but he held.

His last 2 boyz squad run towards my objective but are still too far. He has 1 copter unit left.

Turn 5
The incubi and the DA move on his objective. The venoms finish one squad of boyz.

His gretchin charge the incubi and the archon but are wipped. His last boyz fail to make it into assault and we call it a gain.

Overview :
Things were looking grim during turn one since my venoms were not killing his boyz fast enough. My ravagers were mostly useless so were my scourges. I was saved by my Razorwing since they killed nearly 40 boyz with their opening salvo.
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1850 pts DE vs Orks
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