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 Militarum Tempestus Starter Box Formation

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PostSubject: Militarum Tempestus Starter Box Formation   Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:38 am

I have seen the rules as they were shared on Facebook and the formation has the special rule "Hellrain Reinforcements".

If your scions are completely destroyed and your commissar is alive you can place that destroyed unit into ongoing reserves. The newly arrived unit still counts as being part of the formation. So it's the old Without Numbers rule that (I think) 'Nids had.

I only have the picture saved on my laptop and don't know ho to provide a link for it without putting the whole picture here and violating IP stuff.

In the light of this I hope that the DE Purge Coterie gets some good rules.


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PostSubject: Re: Militarum Tempestus Starter Box Formation   Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:04 pm

Maybe the "Purge Coterie" gets double kill points for killpoint missions. That'd actually sort of help equal the playing field on our lowest performing eternal war mission type. And it'd make sense that the "Purge Coterie" is good at "Purge the Alien". Very Happy
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Militarum Tempestus Starter Box Formation
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