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 Lhamaeans in low point games?

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PostSubject: Lhamaeans in low point games?   Tue Jun 14 2016, 01:22

Starting up an army atm, fiddling with points after my 500 pt list included a sole Lhamaean as an HQ slot and looking to bump it up. In say, 1000pt games how decent are a pack of lhamaeans in a venom at being a CC unit, for counter charges or something. I'm not looking to take on a flock of death company or death stars or something but can I expect moderate results charging say a tactical squad?
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PostSubject: Re: Lhamaeans in low point games?   Tue Jun 14 2016, 04:24

A unit like this does decent but does better as a support unit to help your big boys deal that extra damage to large squads. To be honest taking the classic 1 lhamaen is the better option for a cheap HQ.
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PostSubject: Re: Lhamaeans in low point games?   Wed Jun 15 2016, 00:37

I agree with FineToast, who has 1 post at the time of this response, so you should feel honored he used his first post to answer your question so aptly! Wink

In lower point games, our ability to take 1 Lhamean and spam vehicles is an even bigger advantage than other games. Everyone else has to pay a mid to high HQ tax for a character that we can probably kite and kill with a single venom over the course of the whole game. The big force multiplier HQs need a force to multiply, and the superunit hero combos like seer councils with multiple ICs cost too much to effectively field in low to mid points games, so almost all HQs are taxes at that level of play.

P.S. Welcome to the Dark City, FineToast!
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PostSubject: Re: Lhamaeans in low point games?   Wed Jun 15 2016, 03:13

We actually did an analysis of various CC units in our codex, and the Lhamean was the suprise winner. They will die if you so much as look their way, but if you get into combat, they will do a lot of damage (for their points).

As others have said, 75 pts for a Venom with dual SC and a single Lhamean is amazing at lower point games. Throw 10 in a Raider and they will do damage (so long as they are supported by other elements, and dont need to survive overwatch)
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PostSubject: Re: Lhamaeans in low point games?   

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Lhamaeans in low point games?
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