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 Wych anvil?

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PostSubject: Wych anvil?   Mon Jun 13 2016, 12:43

For the price of a dark artisan formation, you could have a squad of 30+ wyches in a horde. That's a massive footprint with a lot of wounds!

Anyone tried running a "wych" anvil? I know the wych has seen better days, but maybe this would be a viable strategy; die in droves to soak up enemy firepower.
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PostSubject: Re: Wych anvil?   Mon Jun 13 2016, 12:47

The big problem is the amount of firepower it takes to kill them in droves (not much) - I suspect the Dark Artisan probably soaks up more firepower, and is more capable of dishing out the pain too.

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PostSubject: Re: Wych anvil?   Mon Jun 13 2016, 12:48

I really don't think thats worth it.

Art that point you're spending out for a lot of Wyches who will just die. There's no good reason for doing that other than to trick foolish opponents who don;t know how rubbish Wyches are.
The unit will be slow moving, and ineffective at anything other than throwing numbers done. If you're playing against another horde army, I think you'll still have problems because other armies do hordes better.

A Dark Artisan unit would soak up a lot more firepower and still be able to do something afterwards.

EDIT: Looking at it, Wyches are 10pts each. Thats 300pts for a 30 person unit. For that cost, you can get MUCH better.
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PostSubject: Re: Wych anvil?   Mon Jun 13 2016, 13:04

They're also only available in squads of up to 15.


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PostSubject: Re: Wych anvil?   Mon Jun 13 2016, 16:51

Would be a good idea maybe if we had an independent character with stealth and shrouded. Too bad we don't. Kind of silly, too.

The entirety of the Dark Eldar, with night vision, who routinely practice night raids in realspace don't have a single leader who has ever bothered to learn to use stealth or shrouding technology on a personal basis, when we know said technology exists since they use night shields on their raiders. They don't even bother to learn the basic stealth skills of a scout, or bother with the most basic camouflage that has existed for millennia, used by millions of the imperial guard. Pretty unbelievable, honestly.
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PostSubject: Re: Wych anvil?   Mon Jun 13 2016, 17:12

Not to mention that the stealth technology on the raider is inferior to the good old imperial camo net.
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PostSubject: Re: Wych anvil?   Mon Jun 13 2016, 18:10

Well that might be an area to explore in the new Formations.

Another cool idea would be an item that forces Night fighting on a 4+ every round until it fails and instead of Stealth the Night Fighting grants Shrouding. which gives them a "shrouded" sort of thing without making it shrouding.

The thing this would be abused by would be allies. So in the end its going nowhere fast as ideas go because the obvious abuses for other armies are too apparent for even GW to overlook. But perhaps if they actually made it shrouding for Dark Eldar units specifically while Night fighting is going on, that would be way cool. Our vehicles would be VERY much better then.

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PostSubject: Re: Wych anvil?   Mon Jun 13 2016, 22:48

That sort of 50/50 night fighting rule would encourage stuff I'd rather not see encouraged, like making a FateWeaver standard fare in DE lists. I'd rather see something more reliable than a 50% chance of getting screwed for the rest of the game at the end of turn 1.
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PostSubject: Re: Wych anvil?   

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Wych anvil?
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