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 How to paint a Grey Bodysuit/synthskin

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PostSubject: How to paint a Grey Bodysuit/synthskin   Fri Jun 10 2016, 19:54

Hey, was just lookin for / hoping for some tips on how to paint angteybbodysuit.

I was goin to start with a Eshin Grey base, then Nuln Oil.
But then I get lost as to how to highlight it.

Do I do a lighter grey then white?

Any advice much appreciated.

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PostSubject: Re: How to paint a Grey Bodysuit/synthskin   Fri Jun 10 2016, 22:17

When I do grey I always wash at the end to tie everything together (I usually do a thinned down nuln oil so it pools less and acts like a glaze as well.). Just add white to your base colour in as many stages as you feel necessary. You could add white as a final stage if you are doung a very light grey to start with

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How to paint a Grey Bodysuit/synthskin
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