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 Starting Corsairs, any Do's and don'ts?

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PostSubject: Starting Corsairs, any Do's and don'ts?   Sun May 29 2016, 16:53

Starting Corsairs, are there any Do's and don'ts that I should know now?

Also where do you like your Prince?

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PostSubject: Re: Starting Corsairs, any Do's and don'ts?   Sun May 29 2016, 19:36

Can you be more specific?

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PostSubject: Re: Starting Corsairs, any Do's and don'ts?   Sun May 29 2016, 21:37

@amishprn86 wrote:
Starting Corsairs, are there any Do's and don'ts that I should know now?

Also where do you like your Prince?

There is a whole thread on corsair tactics here, but basically there are so many options I doubt we've covered half of them in there.  

The TLDR of that thread would probably look like this:

As for the prince, I personally like mine on a bike with a void saber.  It's predominantly a shooting army with questionable leadership - so it's nice to have a speedy beat stick who can maybe save the day when needed.  I've also run him with a 10 splinter bike death star to some effect.  It certainly does draw a lot of fire, but at around 400 points, I think I'm better off MSUing the bikes.

The prince is amazingly flexible and I've seen people (talking about) using him for everything from a relentless super sniper, to a biker beat stick, to a divination dispenser for balestrikes.  One day I'd like to work up the nerve to try the daemon summoning lunatic trait, but I doubt I will.

My coteries tend to revolve around splinter cannon/scatter laser jetbikes, pulse laser hornets, dark lance balestrikes, and occasionally infiltrating ghostwalkers or reaver bands in falcons/scattervenoms.  I've even fielded a blob of 30 lasblaster/fusion gun wielding reavers a few times and with the help of a void dreamer or key generator got them in to a position to bring hilariously over the top death.
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Corsairs, any Do's and don'ts?   Sun May 29 2016, 21:53

And for Don'ts:

You have scouts, lots of scouts. (And infiltrator-scouts called ghostwalkers) but still mostly scouts. (Remember that Scout moves are made AFTER seize the initiative, letting you move your scouts closer for alpha-strikes, or into protection/Out of sight if your **** has not gotten real yet).

This all sounds good until you realize that each gang (Coterie) treat each other as Allies of Convenience, and thus enemies, which stops you from infiltrating within 12" (18" in sight) and scouting within 12" of your own units from an other coterie. This will also mean that your dudes from different coteries will contest objectives with each other.
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Corsairs, any Do's and don'ts?   Tue May 31 2016, 04:35

The prince is everything the Dark Eldar Archon wishes it was.

Typical build is reaper of the outer dark, shadowfield, bike, and void sabre for a tidy 135 points, or collector w/ mask of secrets, shadowfield, bike, and void sabre for 150 points. Add to Reaver Jetbike or Seer Council and drink lots of tears.

General thoughts

1. Scatter laser Cloud dancers w/ Outflank+reckless abandon are absolutely INSANE. Dark Lance Dancers are a trap, since your Fast attack/heavy support units are much better tank hunters. Splinter Bikes are also REALLY good. A ten man squad puts out the same dakka as 5 Venoms, but with jetbike mobility.
2. Lynx for reliable ranged D. Take a CAD for THREE. These things are so frak good. Can reliably wipe out a Knight/Wknight/Deathstar squad PER TURN.
3. Warp hunter for cheap, unreliable ranged D
4. Hornets with pulse lasers are so much better than ravagers its sickening
5. Mass Venom spam w/ Fusion gun kabalites is similar, but better than the Blasterborn build since everything SCOUTS
6. 3x Cloud dancer felarchs w/ venom blades + Shadowfield bike venom blade baron is a nice way to get around the coterie HQ/Troop tax. Great place to add your prince/farseers/autarchs for a hard hitting deathstar.
7. Malevolents need more S, Voidstorm are too expensive, although a 5x Voidstorm w/ jetpack w/ max dissonance pistol can be fun
8. Reavers can be decent MSU marines as void armor is a set cost FOR THE ENTIRE SQUAD
9. Ghostwalkers are ok - Basically mandrakes with 1/5 fusion guns.
10. Balestrikes are good, but Warp Hunters/Lynx are much better
11. Void Dreamer - INCREDIBLE....if only if had a jetbike option. I've had really strong success with this unit together with Eldrad/IC farseers/and D scythe Wraithguard as a teleporting D platform
12. Falcon/Fire Prism/Firestorm/Spinner - Ok, but not great
13. Wasps - Hornets are superior

Typical builds are (1) Null deployment alphastrike with Skyburners, (2) Mass close combat deathstar with jetbikes, or (3) skyshield+VSG Cheese with Max Warp Hunters/Lynx/Hornets. All options are powerful, but #3 can outshoot any army with 10+ D blast templates a turn. Collector of ancient secrets also makes the prince an easy way to get a "taxless" shadowseer for freakshow/psychic shriek shenanigans. 2++ SF Prince + Jetseer Council + Baharroth is VERY VERY strong as it solves the seer councils damage output + survivability issues.

Another build that might be viable is an Eldar Take on the White Scars Scouting list i.e. MAX scouting Venoms w/ Fusion Gun Troopers supported by CAD Lynx shooting. This would probably be easiest for most Dark Eldar players since all you would need to buy are 2 squads of eldar jetbikes and 1-3 Eldar Lynxs.
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Corsairs, any Do's and don'ts?   

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Starting Corsairs, any Do's and don'ts?
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