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 Polish National Team Championship with Corpsethief Claw

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PostSubject: Polish National Team Championship with Corpsethief Claw   Thu May 26, 2016 10:55 am

So in two days I'll be realspace ridin' at the Polish National Team Championship in 40k with my DE/CWE/HC army.
I'm planning to post reports from each game in this topic.
The tournament is five people per team, 1850 pts, four different detatchments and no codex could be duplicated in the team.
We will not be playing with the new draft FAQ or DFTS supplement rules.

For the start, my list:

PRIMARY DETACHMENT: Combined Arms Detachment Eldar Codex
HQ1: (1) Farseer, skyrunner [115 pts] [Warlord]
HQ2: (1) Farseer, skyrunner, The Spirit Stone of Anath’lan [130 pts]
Troop1: (3) Windraiders, 3x scatterlaser [81 pts]
Troop2: (3) Windraiders, 3x scatterlaser [81 pts]
Troop3: (3) Windraiders, 3x scatterlaser [81 pts]
Elite1: (5) Wraithguard, 5xD-Scythe [210 pts]
Fortification1: (1) Void Shield Generator, 2x additional void shields [100 pts]
Detachment total: 798 pts
DETACHMENT 2: Ally Detachment Dark Eldar Codex
HQ1: (1) Archon, webway portal [95 pts]
Troop1: (5) Kabalite Warriors [40 pts]
Detachment total: 135 pts
DETACHMENT3: Aspect Host Formation, Eldar Codex
FA1: (5) Warp Spiders, exarch [105 pts]
FA2: (5) Warp Spiders, exarch [105 pts]
FA3: (6) Swooping Hawks, exarch [106 pts]
Detachment total: 316 pts
DETACHMENT 4: Corpsethief Claw Formation, Haemonculus Covens Supplement
HS1: (5) Talos 600
Detachment total: 600 pts
Models: 44
Units: 13
Warpcharge: 6
TOTAL: 1849 pts
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PostSubject: Re: Polish National Team Championship with Corpsethief Claw   Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:13 pm

These models look awesome. The converted models give them the feel of being rapacious engines, twitching from pain.

I see they are made from necron and older talos parts. Good work.
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Polish National Team Championship with Corpsethief Claw
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