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 Dirtiest Eldar List @ 500 Points

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PostSubject: Dirtiest Eldar List @ 500 Points   Sat May 21 2016, 22:41

Was inspired to make the D-bag list I mentioned in another guy's 500 point list thread. Haha.

1 Warlock w/Singing Spear 40
2x 3 Windrider Jetbikes w/Scatter Lasers 162
1 Wraithknight 295
TOTAL: 497

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PostSubject: Re: Dirtiest Eldar List @ 500 Points   Sun May 22 2016, 01:15

This is just all kinds of wrong :L

I hope no one ever has the audacity to bring that list to a 500pt game.

"Of course you should fight fire with fire! You should fight everything with fire."
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PostSubject: Re: Dirtiest Eldar List @ 500 Points   Sun May 22 2016, 01:31

I would if I was fighting space marines just to drive home a point...

It doesn't pay to be a Monkeigh.

" Your suffering will be legendary. It will make the dead, long forgotten in our dear Commorragh, rattle in their graves as your agony touches them even from the beyond. I will record each scream, each gurgle, each cry and it will be my sweetest lullaby. The tears you spill will be collected and I will savor them like fine drink for years to come. The blood you spill will be used to feed my house-plants, and your flesh I will feed to the Razorwing flocks. Your bones I will keep and fashion into my clothes like a medal awarded for reaching the highest plateau of torture. You will never steal my sandwych again!"
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PostSubject: Re: Dirtiest Eldar List @ 500 Points   Sun May 22 2016, 02:18

Evil..I love it!

"I'm alive from this pain!"
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Dirtiest Eldar List @ 500 Points
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