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 DftS: Attack Patterns and Interceptor?

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PostSubject: DftS: Attack Patterns and Interceptor?   Fri May 13 2016, 19:41

I've been reading through Death from the Skies and I have a query about how the Interceptor rule interacts with Attack Patterns.

The bonus for the Attack Pattern is triggered if the flyers end their movement phase in that pattern.

Interceptor happens at the end of the enemy movement phase.

This is where I'm unsure:

My four flyers arrive from reserve and I arrange them in an Attack Pattern that grants me an invulnerable save.

At the end of my movement phase, my opponent shoots at me using a weapon with the Interceptor rule.

Do I gain the benefit of the invulnerable save or not?

I can imagine arguing it either way, for example:

1. Interceptor happens at the end of the movement phase, not after the movement phase. Therefore the Attack Pattern bonus hasn't been triggered yet, and I don't get an invulnerable save.

2. My movement phase is over as there is no further movement that I either can or wish to perform, therefore the flyers have ended their movement phase, and so the Attack Pattern bonus has been triggered and I get an invulnerable save against the Interceptor fire.

Opinions welcome!  I will be doing my best to shoot all the Interceptor and Skyfire off the table before my flyers arrive as usual, but I have a feeling that this will come up sooner rather than later.
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PostSubject: Re: DftS: Attack Patterns and Interceptor?   Sat May 14 2016, 09:24

you get the bonus after YOUR movement phase.
That said, you will have the inv roll
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PostSubject: Re: DftS: Attack Patterns and Interceptor?   Mon Jul 11 2016, 07:06

The core rulebook states that if 2 things would happen at the same time, the player whose turn it is gets to decide which order they occur in.
I'm away from my DftS at the moment but believe that as soon as those flyers finish their movement the attack patterns kick in.

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PostSubject: Re: DftS: Attack Patterns and Interceptor?   

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DftS: Attack Patterns and Interceptor?
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